I had no idea that you would do this to me, I was always your man, you were my baby, What is that you needed, house or money? Why I couldn’t see what you had inside honey,  I can’t believe it is you behind it all, How long were you planning to make me... Continue Reading →


Coming Back

Coming back where I left you… to that place, To relive the memories, to find out the trace, Where for the last time… your tears rolled, There they must have turned into the gold,   Maybe there would be a chance to change the fate, Maybe it remained open, once was known a closed gate,... Continue Reading →

Mathematics of Love

The first sight of you, Opened the doors of my heart locked so long, I wished every calculation turns right, With zero probability of going wrong, Things started slowly with small additions, Our eyes met, magic started, Happiness got multiple squares, Sorrow – the division, Heart started laughing to teeth, I started dancing on streets,... Continue Reading →

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Pretend To Smile

This is what the inside of my head looks like


Etudes in Writing


Respect the views of world and the world will respect you.

Inner Focus

i paint with light; but i also paint pictures with words...

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Learn and share photography in everyday life with photo-focused mom

A Choice Away

Through the maze you find yourself

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Fiction, and other made-up stories

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