Universe. Observing you. Showing you signs on every step you take. Wanting you to follow your path it designed for you. But never really telling what it is you must do. Universe. It must be a woman. .

A Matter of Perpetual Creation by Renee Novosel

The carbon of my body recalls the best of it all: the time before worry and loss, the time before hunger and pain, the time before good and evil. The time when atomic collision was the long and short of it. When molecules that would travel far and wide before becoming you and I and…


We are part of some mechanism Connected, yet may ain’t know each other Spinning around like the twin planets But we ain’t just two, It’s a mystery made of symmetry Everything here has to be balanced This is infinite Spitted out mathematics And a negligible bit We are of it. A correlation at its maximum…


A set of multiple parallel universes, consisting similar dimensions, exists for each of us in different numbers, depending upon our choices and decisions. It is like an endless tree, rooted and nurtured only on probability. Their numbers keep changing, like a stock-value on wall street. Our conscience completely loses connection with the universes where a…


Someone’s searching you from the land below hoping to find anything to feed the hunger for information. Holding the head high in determination to shrink the uncountable distance traveled by vision. A negligible creature from one of infinite objects Is curious to know How and why there are emotions running with blood.