After every failure, After every heartbreak, After every tear, After every disappointment, I was a better person.

Special you!

Do exclusive special things for special people to make them feel special.

At the bottom

Consider yourself at the bottom, what will happen then?… You’ll Rise

Be the Change!

Hold control on your eyes Lose the loose talk Be civilized Have respect for every human being Educate everyone around To see the change happening BE THE CHANGE!!


I know you are waiting for me to see you in my dream… but these thoughts of yours keep bugging me to be insomniac. 

Sky Lantern

Bury your worries in sky lanterns, leave them floating in endless dark, Then the darkest sky will glitter like anything.


When you’ve to fight with someone special for another special one and no one is happy.

In the end

In the end it won’t matter if I win or lose… I’ll be happy to know that at least I tried!


May I never stop committing mistakes, May I never stop learning from them. ~


~ You always get an itchy nose when there is chilli in your hands ~ 


When I was a kid, one day in my school, one of our teachers came into the classroom with a problem. He drew a line on blackboard and asked us to make that line small without erasing. After an half hour when we couldn’t find a solution, he simply drew a bigger line adjacent to…


Every problem has a solution…. But not necessarily the pleasant one. ~Neeraj Kumar~