We glow, like marbles Crunch and glisten, in the palms Of a magician, Hallucination, Comes with a circumference, We get none although, We’re floating balloons, Flying from earth reaching moon, Our lone ambition, Is to elevate in love, We are magic on our own, We glitter golden, In each other’s eyes so bright, More than…


Legs spread tied in chains Stoop, broke at waist, I heave low– Density rumbles Out of pain, stretched hands, I am A bird that can’t fly or shall Captured at will, held Hostage on peccadillo Indispensable Eager to be slaughtered to Let the debris be released.

Melting Frost

She curls up her hair She chews her succulent lips ‘The frost’ – melting down. Call from her mighty finger puts my sanity at risk.