I inherit deadness from dead dreams. My soul was tormented. I am a mannequin stocked with blood and bones. My reality is shaped by thunders. I don’t laugh on same joke twice. I don’t feel same pain again. My life, just like yours, had abundance. I’m a man made of blunders. I sink in the... Continue Reading →



I miss me. The heartbroken one. Rejected, hungry and broke. Struggling with the whole world against me. But still fighting. Not giving up on the hopes for a better tomorrow. There was a tingling sensation in the tears dripping down my cheeks. There was an unexplainable satisfaction in the lost dreams. When the force to... Continue Reading →

Two of me

There are two of me over the skeleton covered by meat and skin wrapped in jungle of veins somewhere there, Never in sync one uses blood as ink while other is afraid to think scared to come out in open atmosphere, They use same eyes yet see different things and at times one acts blind... Continue Reading →


Restlessness is here, Like serenity walked away secretly, Like breath stopped breathing, What to do? When flood of emotions shake the soul, Like water in eyes squeeze the heart, I lift a pen, To ease up the wrinkles of words, Though there is thunder inside, But it isn’t sufficient, To fly away a small piece... Continue Reading →


बेचैनी है, सुकून जैसे दबे पांव कहीं गुम हो गया, सांसो ने साँस लेना छोड़ दिया, क्या करूं जब जज्बातों का सैलाब जेहन को झंझोड़ता है, आँखों का पानी जैसे दिल को निचोड़ता है, कलम उठाता हूँ, शब्दों की सिलवटों को मिटाने के लिए, यूँ तो अन्दर तूफ़ान है, मग़र वो काफी नहीं, एक हल्के... Continue Reading →

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