100 Meters

Lined up on a track, In a tracksuit, Weak and cracked, Cracked dreams on shoulder, Determined to make it bolder, Aligned to make it straight, Straight to the podium, And that too without sodium, Old guilt makes him frustrate, When he was terminated, by sodium bicarbonate, So he’s cleaned it all, No, this time he... Continue Reading →



Underneath your prettiness You may have made a mess But if you believe my words It’s an aftermath of your acquiesce ‘Cause you surrender to your miseries, It’s a canopy of conundrum And your eyes speak vacuums A little thread I did catch As I snatched, it lost in fumes Unleashed another mystery. Be with... Continue Reading →


Juices from your lips drip in my mouth You burst me with a gentle kiss, I’m aroused On the tip of my tongue I feel your soft skin Aimlessly my hands run On your humid waist My pulses accelerate And I exhaust In my thoughts Thinking about you I exhaust On your thoughts Illusions can... Continue Reading →

Madly in Love

Baby I I don’t wanna lie Just to keep you satisfy But I am really Really in love with you If I don’t get you I’ll die How can I? Tell you why Why I’m into you That high Maybe it’s your lips Or your eyes Makes me fall Keeps me fly Maybe it’s your... Continue Reading →

Curious Pants Down

Got to lick the tang of squeezed up dignity? Is it like the orange pulp or mashed up strawberries? Have you had them high on toxic insanity? Like the mouthwatering lush cherries? My pants are getting high on unsettling curiosity But we need to stay strong To get along Till we get to fondle it... Continue Reading →

I hope we never meet again

Knotted in your smell I knotted you in me Though knew it all the time That the knots are never good Knotted in your spell I knotted you so fast Always used to overlook That the knots are never good Knotted in my mind now Holding my own finger I often use to hike high... Continue Reading →

These Little Things

Roll your lips Blow a kiss Just anywhere in the air Stretch your arms Embrace anything Someone will get his share Close your eyes Heed the rhythm of whispers Those are the vibes of million prayers] X 2 These little things May not mean so much to you But if you believe Someone somewhere out... Continue Reading →


First, you walked in Left your footprints forever on my heart Then you settled down and became an undeviating part O’ God I loved it The way you emitted light I knew you’ll keep me warm Till the end right from the start First, you admitted Made me committed the things I’d never done Then... Continue Reading →

Love is a fairytale

I’ve left my heart posted by the fridge magnet It lies there on your table under paperweight and hanging with your car keys, saying in glee It’s me, it’s me, it’s me I’ve got it stapled in your file with papers Left it beating with alarm clock for you to wake up and singing with... Continue Reading →


Put its ears stuck on the floor trying to hear the sound they tiptoed tamed your heart is out of control You have no choice but to harness it. Like a beast sometimes it roars in a way they don’t adore being wild like never before you have no choice but to harness it. you... Continue Reading →

Magic Slate

3 o’clock, January morning ’08, second week, our love was forming you said you were missing me and that, night without me was so boring I tried but I couldn't stop myself Got out in Bermuda shorts and sandals you lived six blocks away 20 minutes in snow then I rang the doorbell you opened... Continue Reading →


Wandering on the streets bending your head low Brokenhearted soul thinking it’s the end of the show Sweating your hopes out Sinking inside the pile of doubts You’re maybe walking on the edge but darling you don’t know Entire universe and all angels above are biting their nails on your every move You’re carrying their... Continue Reading →

The Reaping

This whole game has turned on a reverse mode the world you’ve known so long is gonna explode ‘cause you’re done with your evil deeds it does not accept an overload. This is to all my so called ‘well-wishers’ who thought that I would not be able to survive See I’ve got through all your... Continue Reading →

Half of a whole

Do you understand? How does it feel to be half of a whole? To be a lover Dying to live forever together? No, you don’t because you’re already complete and I’m half.. begging for my other part. I was trying to fit my pieces into you Split you apart to coagulate with mine So well... Continue Reading →

Drawer of Memories

A drawer of memories Swag of priceless accessories Festoon of twinkling eyes Collection of every tear Projection of smiles not in the corners of my lonely house neither hung on its empty walls nor in the shadows of peeping lights nowhere but inside me they reside. I’m a gypsy of memory lane A traveler of... Continue Reading →


Can I touch your lips? Can I know how does it feel? When they touch mine Can I know it’s different? Can I get a chance to redefine the taste that resides inside? Though it’s been a long time I didn’t taste them in recent but it got stuck into mine like the only thing... Continue Reading →


Look at me just the once Here I’m trying to give you a signal Everyone is high taking out their wild side and giggles I know I’m down with six whisky pegs and you’re running wild seeing our story’s flashbacks See you at the corner Where we had our private memories While all your friends... Continue Reading →

Roadside Romeo

Get me hooked up with you is an ultimate goal I set I have looked up everywhere for someone like you and when I finally found that you are real How can I let you go? Get you locked up in the corner jail instead I have booked up many lovers there like you They’ll... Continue Reading →

Right or Wrong

Can not see the world the way it isn’t Can not believe the words that I listen Behind my back if something happens May or may not have their different reasons .. For I’ve got the eyes, I’ve got the brain to see and measure by my own Something that is being said or done... Continue Reading →

Wake me up

I walk towards an unknown direction Seems as if an ending road unfolds Everything appears to be a delusion Nothing remains hidden that I hold .. Empty eyes keep staring at me Every face a mysterious mask Laughing inside their shut mouths A continuous moan is the task .. Wake me up Before it becomes real... Continue Reading →

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