Open Up

Strange things are happening. I feel I’m drifting toward OCD a bit more, or is it just the repercussions of getting older? I’m trying really hard to not to be a part of social compulsions, but since everyone around is so dripping in it, I cannot help but feel it is me who is odd….


Sometimes, I feel that my whole existence is an accident. Something that was never desired but happened. Like I’m that speck of the universe that isn’t required. ‘cause when I cry, I often become the source of amusement. My abilities are hated. My sanity is often challenged. I walk in a room and everyone feel…


Its evening, sun is about to set for the day. Orange color is spreading all over the clouds as this is the way sun plays holi with them. Birds are chirping happily and have already started going back to their nests. Few of the houses already have lit their lights before sun could completely disappear….

Be the Change!

Hold control on your eyes Lose the loose talk Be civilized Have respect for every human being Educate everyone around To see the change happening BE THE CHANGE!!

Sign the petition to the United Nations in Delhi Gang Rape case

On 16th of December 2012, a 23 old girl gets gang raped by 6 men in a moving bus in Delhi, India, injured brutally and thrown on the street half naked. While she is fighting for her life in ICU, thousands and millions of people are protesting on the streets in several cities of the country demanding…


When I was a kid, one day in my school, one of our teachers came into the classroom with a problem. He drew a line on blackboard and asked us to make that line small without erasing. After an half hour when we couldn’t find a solution, he simply drew a bigger line adjacent to…