Where I am…? Where I’ve been…? I don’t know… I can’t think…  Was I here since always…? Or I have just begun…? Every moment I doubt… …my own existence I can see myself… I can touch… I get wet when it rains… But I don’t feel anything… Just the emptiness… Is it a beginning or... Continue Reading →


Fair Enough? – Just another dream

I am sitting on a small round table (just like as we had in office pantry) with her boyfriend and a common friend. We are talking about her. Her boyfriend is arguing with me and trying to prove that I am wrong to love her. I should not do it since she is already in... Continue Reading →

Golden Summer Days

Today all of a sudden I got hit by the memories of my childhood specially the summer vacations when our schools used to go off and we used to become kings and queens. Childhood indeed is the best phase of our lives but the mischievous acts we used to do during the summer vacations were... Continue Reading →

Lost to find the Lost

~ He stands at a food shop at its counter, Waiting to receive his order, Totally lost he is, lost in her memories, She is still in his mind and so he seems eerie, ~ He does not care who comes who goes around, He is focused on the questions for the answers un-found,  ~... Continue Reading →

Is bad time really that bad?

Going through the bad phase I always get stuck with this thought and get to a conclusion that it’s actually not that bad but people around you make it even worst. From last five months I have been struggling to get a job and even till today I don’t have a single offer in my... Continue Reading →

Drama Queen Vol-1

Quietly sitting on the bench, Waiting for her chance for the show, Oh, She looks so cute, In that pink suit, She is ready to dazzle,  She is only six, But has got all the tricks, To make you impress, With the move of her soft hands, I wish if I could cuddle,  She is... Continue Reading →

Love in Office – The dream

I see an office like environment but in front of my real life home where I used to play cricket in childhood. 5-6 people are sitting near the highway. The workstations are made of wooden plates put on bricks. Computers are placed on the wooden surface and I was working on my laptop. Emma was... Continue Reading →

Together Forever

~ It’s just the time driving us crazy, This is only why things are messy, Soon it will change, Will fall back the happy days, Until then, Understand a little more, Cooperate little further, Soon we’ll be back together, Because that is what we are meant to be - Together forever, ~  I know I’m... Continue Reading →

Out of my way!!!

Come on give me a break, Let’s give your head a shake, Life is not a cake, Neither a milk shake, That you’ll eat, That you’ll drink, Having the delicious taste,   It’s bloody so fake, Where there is no retake, It’s a race, You have to run, Without taking rest, Without being a pest,... Continue Reading →

Memories are precious

“Memories are precious; do not let them fade away.” Here is a very small incident related to my real life. There was a girl, I was really attached to, we were so called friends but deep down inside I had something more for her. Before I could say anything she remained no more in my... Continue Reading →

Selective Tears

Around 8 years back, one given day of summers, I was getting ready for Maths tuition when I get a call from my younger cousin brother. He called me to let know the death of his father, who, for a long time, was suffering from cancer. It was not a surprise because he was in... Continue Reading →

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