This place in my head

We've had our encounters.  We've reached to the count that's almost indivisible. We've done damages to each other.  It's now irreversible.  You shout out to the world.  Curse me for being a part of your life. I guess, I won't avoid you anymore.  What if I make you invisible? We'd started off together,  around six... Continue Reading →


Pretty Soon

Take you high with me in broken bits. Soaring on altitude as my sanity splits. I drag you out from my mouth like swallowed thread. Spit you out of the window where the clouds spread. Damned this idea could never be defined. And I didn't know you'll be gone in no time. But I'll rise... Continue Reading →


That day On my sprint to somewhere far (My head kept banging with: ..I’m leaving something with you Something very precious Even if I wish I can not take it away I know, it is going with me as well In every corner of my living and soon-to-be-dead cells Might even be in a better... Continue Reading →


She said: Promise me That you’ll forget everything happened between us Everything I said Everything I did Even my name That you won’t make me the Scattered Clots in your arteries blocking the clean and fresh blood from your heart Promise me That you’ll forget me And                ... Continue Reading →

Wanna see you cry

All those conversations are in my head, Circling making me sad, With you being happy, If was not destined, Why did it happen?   Softness of your lips in my fingertips, Makes me cry all the time, Being close to you, If was not destined, Why did it happen?   I wonder very often, Why... Continue Reading →

Time for a new Song

It’s just a state, Being in love or in hate, Once it’s over it’s too late, To go back and re-initiate, It’s like you can’t eat the same piece again, That you already ate, Even if there is fresh air around, You’ll still suffocate, You’ve already lost the strings, Now, you can’t operate, Recollect your pieces,... Continue Reading →

Stay for awhile

It feels as someone’s cutting my body and taking out my heart to sell, I’ve got so many things to tell you, how can I say what I want to tell?  That you’re the only thing that I have, And if you leave me, every time I’ll be sad, It feels, I am loosing the... Continue Reading →

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