Had we remained strangers

With every smile on your face My heart beats a little, As every beat it takes It breaks a little, In my veins as blood refills I curse myself For being so selfish, To see you smile is I always wanted. See how time changes, How it changes us, Love, turned into poison, You left... Continue Reading →


Hide & Hide

Running out from the café She stumbled to lose a shoe from left and threw away the other one (of her favorite pair) from the right foot too. To be angry or sad? She can not decide While melting mascara smudging around her eyes A freshly broken hearted Running barefoot, Running wild Inside in her... Continue Reading →


Together We were invincible We could bend against physics to beat bullets We were so flexible. After you said G-O-O-D-B-Y-E It left me with nothing but false impression that all the strength that I had would remain with me if not at its peak but even a fair share (that I would've earned for my... Continue Reading →


Taking pills to forget the things that got stuck on my soul like tattoos, Ignoring signboards which may lead me to crash-land into you. I may seem superlatively composed but things are not the way they always seem “Double quoted” our love getting strikethrough. This chain reaction that started from splitting us into two, reached... Continue Reading →


Drop your tears upon my soul Sneak in from where you find the hole Love that resided once in here Turned into dry ash mixing in air It needs some water of your eyes Drip it and a little reprise. Collect its remains in a bowl Treat it well with love pest control Love that... Continue Reading →

Night, lost in darkness

Before you feel guilty Curse yourself for what you've done to me Before everything remind you of me Make you panic in anxiety I’ll walk away from your reach for eternity I’ll walk away from your heartless city and will never hope to come back no matter what is it the night lost in darkness?... Continue Reading →

Believe it or not?

Seeing the things I shouldn’t see Reading the signs I shouldn’t read I feel that you are thinking about me Or maybe it is just my hobby Running on a road nowhere that would lead Flying in circles and want to repeat I feel that you still love me Or maybe it is just my... Continue Reading →

Love, Cigarettes, Dandruff, Tar

Cigarettes are my companion, now Sadly love is mere an opinion When you, my muse Sulked and slipped away You said love was a disease, then It remained no reason to please And started falling off my heart Like dandruff from head I use all different memories, to Wash away this dandruff entirely Does it... Continue Reading →

Talking to myself

Hundreds of people on busy street, it’s a routine, what the rush Loud noise of people chattering, shouting, yelling Vehicles aren’t any less too Earphone’s on, Eminem’s playing on, Probably, a better way to keep everything on mute Black t-shirt, blue jeans, A backpack on shoulder, Filled with documents Of 21 years’ wasted time And... Continue Reading →

Sad & Done

Can not water the wreckage of pieces anymore Can not carry the baggage of haunted memories anymore Blotch on this heart hurts so bad Can not nurture the damage anymore - Can not tolerate the savage whispers anymore Can not endure the hollow emptiness anymore Darkness seems like lost love every time Can not revise... Continue Reading →

Half night stand

I still sleep nude Since when you chose to elude The window from where you ran away I leave it open entire night everyday Hoping that one day you’ll break in Slip-in beside, seeing me shivering I shiver and sweat only with you When you slide on my body like morning dew Sitting cross legged,... Continue Reading →

One of you!

What’s wrong with me? Why am I counting my days? What is that ticking in my head? What’s eating me? Why I’m not feeling alive? Is it that I’m already dead? ~ What’s happened to me? Why I’m still crying? Why my poems are reading sad? Whom I’m fighting for? Why I’m still trying? Whose... Continue Reading →

Go back home

Standing in that corner O’ baby, Aren’t you feeling cold already? I’ve been watching you there for hours, Are you waiting for someone who won’t come? Lightning has already started, There could be rain in any moment, Or is it raining already? In your eyes I see the moisture,  ~ I know what you’re going... Continue Reading →

Dearer than you!

During those summer nights, When we were sleepless and up all night, Lying on roof watching falling stars, Listening to each other’s heart, We made several promises, Yeah we did,  ~ Walking hands in hands, When we were lost in love, we said we’ll never fight, Sitting by highway watching passing cars, Singing “we’ll never... Continue Reading →

All Alone – Screenwriting

[Scene 1] At around 9 O’ clock in the night, a room with main lights off, a couple of candles burning and all curtains are down. [Close up:] A camera from the roof is slowly moving displaying her bare toes peeping outside the blanket… She lays sleeping, [Close up:] As it moves upwards at the... Continue Reading →

Watching you with him

I see you holding his hands, My heart beats as low as it can, You look into his eyes, I get the cramps, To make it understand I try, But it cries, it cries million tears,  I see him holding you close, My hands suddenly turn cold, He tastes your lips, Mine turns sour, He... Continue Reading →

Dark Days

Out of order watch shows the right time twice a day, they say, My pointers always point at you even when I’m going through the worst days, Though I’m not trying to find anyone like you, But I know no one can ever be even a percent of you, Was this really supposed to happen?... Continue Reading →

And I can’t believe…

I can’t believe the words, I can’t believe the anger, When you sound uninterested, Like you don’t care, I try every day, To read the silence, To understand what you don’t say, I can’t believe its happening, I can’t believe the fear, You don’t attend my calls, Like you don’t care, I try every day,... Continue Reading →


Feeling like talking to you, Thinking of to call for few words, Or maybe send an sms for you to respond, But insecurity eats me, Asks me not to do anything, What if you don’t reply back? What if you aren’t feeling the same? Often I reach my cell phone and put it back again,... Continue Reading →

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