Hold breath. Let it all go. Sink. Lock lips. Don’t you dare think. It’ll take a while for rock-bottom to reach ‘tween some sharks, jellyfish ‘n leech. But when it’ll hit, You’ll see nothing shallow floats so deep. And when you’ve seen enough, Bubble it all out. Soar back up.


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Rinum's blog

Love, live and cherish

Pretend To Smile

This is what the inside of my head looks like


Etudes in Writing


Respect the views of world and the world will respect you.

Inner Focus

i paint with light; but i also paint pictures with words...

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Get the focus

Learn and share photography in everyday life with photo-focused mom

A Choice Away

Through the maze you find yourself

Trent Lewin

Fiction, and other made-up stories

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Call off your dogs. Let's talk.