Full Circle

Life has come to a full circle in this city of dreams. A year, gone in a moment, feels like a lifetime. Trapped in shackles of routine, I often rebel for the memories I’d made and cherish which I couldn’t in time. Isn’t it funny we all act often too late? Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow... Continue Reading →


The Idea of you – III

The idea to pull you out once I’ve pushed you down to be drowned. Fill your lungs with Oxygen, then watch you dry on the ground. So, you would know a near-death experience – exactly how it feels to be in love with you. You may not know how much torment I’ve already gone through... Continue Reading →

in poetry

so when you are bored by your routine, and damn ditched by endorphin. when you’re in need to recharge your batteries. come find me at the bank of my miseries. I’ll put my sting to rest awhile. I won’t bite you. we can plug each other to the cosmic ripple, and let the interstellar magic... Continue Reading →


A warrior of metaphysical battle, as if she had the weight of whole world on her shoulders. She suffered the curse of Gods, endured the wrath of monsters. Her wings withered. Her body turned a titanium case. Her fingers, wrapped on a spear, forgot how to interlace. Goddess of love, she, had a lot to... Continue Reading →


A queen of misty mornings, As if she was driven to be a hazy reflection. Although fascinated to be loved deep, she pretended to get turned off of affection. Winter often cooled her heating body, Her heart was altogether a different story, Being in love with her could’ve been triumphant, But is already pungent this... Continue Reading →


Show you the places never seen. That’s where the grass is always green. Where music cleanses the soul and lyrics quarantine. You could be the one you’ve never been. Take every path you stumbled and deferred. Crack every code hiding in random words. Decode zig-saw puzzles and every crossword, Unexpressed emotions, and prospects blurred. I... Continue Reading →

Begin Again

Show me that smile again That’s known to rejuvenate. Show me that passion That resurrects the surge of love. Show me the hunch of warm kisses. We have much more than these crazy indifferences. Tell me that new hymn That you love to hum these days. Tell me that secret That makes your eyes ablaze.... Continue Reading →

Unfinished – II

A queen of twisted endings, As if she had a fascination for misery. Her smile tore her lips from the edges. Her laughter was an alkaline chemistry. She craved for Moon in moonless nights, Hid when it was one sparkling satellite. Beaming in love with her could’ve been a pleasure, But is already an ache... Continue Reading →

Death of Her Breath

That feathery touch of her fingers Dropping into a sluggish serpentine track on my chest And circling around my aroused nipples; That curling of toes and pressing her breasts on my chest to match our heights; That urgency of her soft lips into mine; That mist of her visible breath – Lingering, Mingling, Filling my nose... Continue Reading →

What I’m saying…

I was eight. She was six. We were in park, playing Sit-Knit-Fix, A game of twisted tales, kisses, and Kicks. I point at her and I tell. You know what I’m saying. Dazed, she opened her mouth, But nothing could say. Then I kissed her anyway. Fast forward ten years, We were in club with... Continue Reading →

Few Things Spiral

You would wonder, What I’m doing these days, After years stretched between us, I wonder that too; Do you still like to talk till you fall asleep? And want to tweak nose when you feel affectionate? Who you share your secrets with? After all, I’m your biggest secret now; Do you know? The distance between... Continue Reading →


She had mood swings, Often in tune with librating moon. She was more than one at a time. So much more than I knew. Cuddling with her was The liquid pleasure. There she was. She was here. She was Everywhere I swear. Her lips, Oh so flawless, Kept shut. But her mind, I knew, was... Continue Reading →

Soul Mates Mistaken

I catch her fake a moan, She chills my bones, It don’t fetch me pleasure, Few attempts to negotiate, Bend, mend, exaggerate, But dark aint cut by scissors, ‘Ah, I love being inside you,’ but I speak. I sense her drip through my cracks, She claims to relax and her narrow tense shoulders Fence her;... Continue Reading →

Dropped Kisses

Under your boot die the dropped kisses, A swing of your mood, and the bearer lips you bruise, Black and blue, you make holes inside the world, Meth & Jack Daniels, innocent dreams you ruin, I wish you love, I wish you heartbreak tonight, A new morning when sky will break, Your guns won’t mend... Continue Reading →


While my eyes Are trekking, through The ‘warm’ snow of emotions, Those fell out for me, From the holes of your heart, And my fingers are tracing, The embroidery of your heart’s Unspoken language, That lies between the white spaces, ..After the periods, And in blur tear spots; I’m thinking about, The best kind of... Continue Reading →


Prior to, million untamed grit particles Accelerate, Their spirits succumb, Into the halo of void, Like some invisible bijou black-hole, Sucks them up, Toward other side of hourglass, …And my body lay dead cold. I am inside her, Deeply rooted, (And her stone-cold fingers Are slowly goring in my body Like a bloodsucking leech), Frozen... Continue Reading →


My hands, One upon other, Rest on my chest, With you inside and beside me; We warm the sheets but not hearts, The love between us is dying. Our fingers Will eat each other, This new phobia we discovered; We lay beside but poles apart; Love dies when we stop trying. Take a turn around,... Continue Reading →


Sitting at the turf of my precipice, I see the grievance, in the faces of the eels, and I try to eat them raw, as if they are waxen desserts. We moved out of our kitchen, a long back. Ah, the Correction: She kicked us out, from where all the spices and smiles used to... Continue Reading →


How long The road between us can stretch? How far My sweetheart can you go? Charcoal has its limit on elasticity Nothing can expand beyond its limit This much physics I know, But how do I cross this stretch Without the bridges of your eyes There are things beyond physics In this world too, When... Continue Reading →

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