The Idea Of You – IV

The idea to loop you in my head like Pythagoras’ theorem I never forget. Sting you with constant sarcasm because that’s what you get. Invite you to sleep-over and roll you in the sheets so you cannot move. Push you to the edge, make you topple from bed because I’m really mad. Watch you scream... Continue Reading →



Let us play an innocent game. I'll start with calling you dumbo. You can call me any name. Send me texts. Ask me anything. I'll read but won't reply. Don't ask why. Wish me birthday. Send me flowers. Then watch me online for hours. I can be busy, try to understand. Get offended but don't... Continue Reading →


Lift the planet on our hands, place in the center of our dreams, we can move the moon and mountains, we can change the pattern of streams. Push by the tip of our fingers, we can revolve them like the love of teens. We can do unimaginable, we can do wonders, only if we’re a... Continue Reading →

This place in my head

We've had our encounters.  We've reached to the count that's almost indivisible. We've done damages to each other.  It's now irreversible.  You shout out to the world.  Curse me for being a part of your life. I guess, I won't avoid you anymore.  What if I make you invisible? We'd started off together,  around six... Continue Reading →


How often I wish to chop you up, smudge you down, wrap you in a paper towel, and smoke you like weed. Do this once, then repeat. I know the ways one rejoices pain. Extract pleasure out of misery, entertain in ways inhumane. No, I don’t need cocaine. I’m already high. I’m always high. High... Continue Reading →


Lost in the beauty of the night, wild my thoughts are running cold. We’ve had pillow-fight in this room many times before. Now, someone else has held your hands, just like I was told. I would probably leave my bed waiting cold alone for I’m afraid if I fell asleep, since there is a high... Continue Reading →


I'm not apt to demonstrate that I care but you would know if I do. This is how I function. You function otherwise, even to the people you shouldn't. I get this part of you. But this is not the thing that keeps us apart. There are many. Don't get me started there. People use... Continue Reading →

The Idea of You – II

The idea to push you off the cliff, and grab you just when you're about to crash. Make you feel like shit, then help you discover your treasure outta that trash. You may be the apple of many eyes, but darling, they don't see what makes you you. I am not the treasure hunter, hunting... Continue Reading →

Faith and the fall

She would often tie me up, in my hands, my legs, my lips. For her I was a toy, a ball. She would throw me up in air, and catch me as I fall. It was scary and a lot fun too, like jumping off a sinking ship. It didn’t matter at all if I... Continue Reading →


I was better messed up. Knotted, As you trespassed through me Without a forewarning, Just like my fingers trespassed Through your clothes When you were in them, And weaved a pattern on your skin, That only you could understand. Even if You were always here, Way before your perfume had faded, Thoughts of being with... Continue Reading →

Nothing’s gonna change

If you never say what goes through your brain, When you hear my name, Even if you avoid talking about me, And move away your face from my photo frame, It won’t make a difference to me, It won’t change my mind, Do whatever you would want to do, I loved you once, I will... Continue Reading →

Selective Tears

Around 8 years back, one given day of summers, I was getting ready for Maths tuition when I get a call from my younger cousin brother. He called me to let know the death of his father, who, for a long time, was suffering from cancer. It was not a surprise because he was in... Continue Reading →

Sweet Wine

You are mine, Be mine, O’ beauty divine, You are near, Be here, O’ sweet wine, You’re all what I have, You’re the best I could ever get, You cause my heart beat, You cause my nostrils breath, You make my soul pure, You cause current in my veins, When I hold you face, It... Continue Reading →

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