The Reaping

This whole game has turned on a reverse mode the world you’ve known so long is gonna explode ‘cause you’re done with your evil deeds it does not accept an overload. This is to all my so called ‘well-wishers’ who thought that I would not be able to survive See I’ve got through all your... Continue Reading →


Basking in Bastardness (Explicit)

Shining in shame Basking in bastardness in such hopelessness You gonna land a day into the books of motherfucking legends securing your name in big black block letters, I bet. Naked your bandwagon Gruesome and transparent in such absurdness You gonna land a day onto the podium of ridiculous morons claiming your fame blooded and... Continue Reading →

Out of my way – Extra verses

Stop barking at me it won’t help, It’ll land on ears deaf, Piss off your fucking face, I am obsessed with myself, Keep saying “there is no shortcut to success”, For that matter, watch me bloom; I am creating an escalator, Your bullshit ideas - you better keep, I’m listening to my heart, it’s on... Continue Reading →

Bloody Love Games

Sometimes I feel I’m in a ring, She be a drama queen, so I be a drama king, Though these games are interesting in the beginning, But so badly now they stink, Eventually there remains only thing, She says nothing, I say nothing, She keeps hurting, I keep fighting, Both of us keep pretending, We... Continue Reading →

No Giving Up

Baby, Oh Baby, You got me messed up, You got me crazy, I ran behind you, Like a whore, You raped my feelings, And I plead for more, You became the only thing, I ever wanted, Now you say go away, We can’t get started, Let me tell you this, You messed with the wrong... Continue Reading →

Happy Ending.. :)

Hey, I’m walking here all alone, Crying ‘coz my girl has gone, Trying just not to miss her, And not to shed many tears, Lying to none but myself, And there is no one to help, So I just walk, Don’t talk, Don’t even try to call her number, And tell that I still love... Continue Reading →

Before you Die!

Your eyes flicker on her sight, Going away never seems right, As she comes near your heart jumps, Words don’t come out, you get the lumps, ` You don’t say a word, ‘coz you fear, She’ll deny and you’ll lose her, Wake up until it gets too late, Before anyone else takes the grip, `... Continue Reading →

Out of my way!!!

Come on give me a break, Let’s give your head a shake, Life is not a cake, Neither a milk shake, That you’ll eat, That you’ll drink, Having the delicious taste,   It’s bloody so fake, Where there is no retake, It’s a race, You have to run, Without taking rest, Without being a pest,... Continue Reading →


He is not bloody concerned, About showing his situation, That he is hell fucked up, People shown their skins, When he badly needed, They didn’t turn up,   This time has shown him the real faces, Hidden behind the fake promises, He is collecting the anger inside, No matter how much the sun would go... Continue Reading →

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