Happy Ending.. :)

Hey, I’m walking here all alone, Crying ‘coz my girl has gone, Trying just not to miss her, And not to shed many tears, Lying to none but myself, And there is no one to help, So I just walk, Don’t talk, Don’t even try to call her number, And tell that I still love... Continue Reading →


He is not Dead!

Standing on a lonely road, He has too much load, On his head, But he is not dead, He has lost some weight, He is defeated by his fate, But it’s not over yet, Soon he’ll get, All his powers back, He’ll be on track, Running as fast as he never was, He’ll be shining... Continue Reading →

Out of my way!!!

Come on give me a break, Let’s give your head a shake, Life is not a cake, Neither a milk shake, That you’ll eat, That you’ll drink, Having the delicious taste,   It’s bloody so fake, Where there is no retake, It’s a race, You have to run, Without taking rest, Without being a pest,... Continue Reading →


He is not bloody concerned, About showing his situation, That he is hell fucked up, People shown their skins, When he badly needed, They didn’t turn up,   This time has shown him the real faces, Hidden behind the fake promises, He is collecting the anger inside, No matter how much the sun would go... Continue Reading →

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