Song of life

Creaking sound his bones make, Pushing him to think that he can’t take, Anymore of this boredom, Recollects the wreckage of his memoir, Picks up his guitar, That’s covered in dust, Rested for years in the closet eating rust, Tuning up a melody, Hopelessly.. For the song of life…


100 Meters

Lined up on a track, In a tracksuit, Weak and cracked, Cracked dreams on shoulder, Determined to make it bolder, Aligned to make it straight, Straight to the podium, And that too without sodium, Old guilt makes him frustrate, When he was terminated, by sodium bicarbonate, So he’s cleaned it all, No, this time he... Continue Reading →

Writing is easy!

1. First of all find a muse for yourself. 2. Control the heck of thunder bubbling inside your mind. 3. Be restless for hours to write few lines. [Loop = ∞ on step 2 and 3] and if you’re lucky enough to come out from this loop - 4. Feel sick for what you’ve written.... Continue Reading →

One of you!

What’s wrong with me? Why am I counting my days? What is that ticking in my head? What’s eating me? Why I’m not feeling alive? Is it that I’m already dead? ~ What’s happened to me? Why I’m still crying? Why my poems are reading sad? Whom I’m fighting for? Why I’m still trying? Whose... Continue Reading →


Its evening, sun is about to set for the day. Orange color is spreading all over the clouds as this is the way sun plays holi with them. Birds are chirping happily and have already started going back to their nests. Few of the houses already have lit their lights before sun could completely disappear.... Continue Reading →


Restlessness is here, Like serenity walked away secretly, Like breath stopped breathing, What to do? When flood of emotions shake the soul, Like water in eyes squeeze the heart, I lift a pen, To ease up the wrinkles of words, Though there is thunder inside, But it isn’t sufficient, To fly away a small piece... Continue Reading →

You’re my hero

I am out of my mind, Tired of all the things, Experienced throughout the day, I talk loud, Even when I’m not supposed to, You hold me in your arms, Kiss my lips, Cool me down, without saying a word, Then I know… you’re my hero, You take care of all the things, When I... Continue Reading →


When I held you by your waist, And I felt you were a guitar, My fingers ran across your body, Rang each string of yours, When we had our lips less than an inch away, Talking to each other, Merely touching by mistake, Spending hours like that, Fragrance of your breath I still remember, ‘Coz... Continue Reading →

The Glass Broke

The wine glass, I had last sip with is broken... It was placed under the window, With some wine remained, When the last time I released it, It was well retained, If I knew the wind will blow it away, Will break it into pieces, I would have kept it safe, It would have sustained, If... Continue Reading →

Journey of our love – III

As the month of July began, Grew louder the urge of our unison, Day and night we were around, Remember how we couldn’t sustain a minute without each other’s sound? It was like walking through a dream to another, Every moment spent with you I still remember, How I used to read poetry, And made... Continue Reading →

Stay Tonight

Baby you have right to complain,I know I have not been the same,For all these years,I know you’ve been so alone,For so long you’ve been torn,By all your fears,But I’m begging you one last chance,See I’m on my knees,Please stay tonight, let me have a glance,I’ll make it alright,Stay tonight please,Just stay, stay, stay tonight,Stay... Continue Reading →


Walking together when we have discussion, Sometimes I feel that you don’t listen, You say your words you wanna say, And my words used to fall midway, Somehow they don’t reach your ears, Every time there comes a dead air, And when your phone rings when I am talking, You pick it up as my... Continue Reading →

The precious thing

Around a crowded street, There is a man sitting covered in a blanket rotten, Looks like a beggar, But he isn’t interested when anybody has anything to offer, Instead he hides himself further, Towards the corner, When anyone comes near, He bears hell lot of fear, Holding something in his hands, Blood is dripping from... Continue Reading →

Knock me down!

Let’s have round and round, Until one is not on ground, Let's get this sort out, I don’t want another bout, Let it explode, Doors are closed, Show me what you’ve got, Shot by shot, Isn’t it a lottery? It’s me in you territory, Knock me down, It’s a golden chance, Show me your envy,... Continue Reading →

Alone not Lonely

I have walked through the eggshells It has rained all over me People thought that I won’t survive But it feels good to be alive There is no reason to smile But hold it there Let me smile for this while ‘Coz nothing else has remained to do I have already enough cried May I... Continue Reading →

Someone between us

Is it a new chapter? Is something new beginning? I heard her talking, About me with her friends, I saw her a month back, I felt my heart shivering, That ever since she came, I am feeling it’s all repeating once again, And baby you don’t know, How scared I may feel, When she looks... Continue Reading →

All Alone – Screenwriting

[Scene 1] At around 9 O’ clock in the night, a room with main lights off, a couple of candles burning and all curtains are down. [Close up:] A camera from the roof is slowly moving displaying her bare toes peeping outside the blanket… She lays sleeping, [Close up:] As it moves upwards at the... Continue Reading →

A Day, A Kiss – II

Weaving a dream, hoping to see her some day, But she lives in a place so far away, Where it may not be possible for me to reach, Maybe we’ll never get a chance to meet, With every thread of this dream I see her eyes shining like stars in the sky, And I wish... Continue Reading →

A Day, A Kiss – I

Walking on a darkened pathway, I had lost hopes, faded courage, All day, all night, only thing had remained, Making doodles on an empty page, With each passing day I tried to make some sense of those senseless lines, I hysterically drew, As was hopelessly waiting for my life to get through, Roaming aimlessly, were... Continue Reading →

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