Open Up

Strange things are happening. I feel I’m drifting toward OCD a bit more. Or is it just the repercussions of getting older? I’m trying really hard to not to be a part of social compulsions but since everyone around is so dripping in it, I cannot help but feel it is me who is odd.... Continue Reading →



I'm not apt to demonstrate that I care but you would know if I do. This is how I function. You function otherwise, even to the people you shouldn't. I get this part of you. But this is not the thing that keeps us apart. There are many. Don't get me started there. People use... Continue Reading →


Your eyes reminded me of a colorful aquarium, like millions of aqua creatures were swimming inside them happily, and I always wanted to make those tiny little pellets of love with my fingertips to feed them, to keep them – happy and loved. When your heart responded to my emotional poems, I often saw rainbows... Continue Reading →

Cum Again

When heart breaks, it doesn't fall down in pieces, maybe nature has designed it, to recuperate to be able to fall back in love again, maybe because it is the best thing to ever happen in life. When someone’s feelings turn cold, They don’t literally start finding ice inside them, Maybe this is how it... Continue Reading →

The Last Fight

Another night of thunder, Dark as ghost. Anyone would surrender. Anyone could be lost. A ship mighty is floating like a drunken elephant On a Sea that has no end. Claws of waves make it quaver. It’s strong enough to fight such weather. Going miles and miles at regular speed. For no reason it needs... Continue Reading →

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Pretend To Smile

This is what the inside of my head looks like


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Respect the views of world and the world will respect you.

Inner Focus

i paint with light; but i also paint pictures with words...

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Through the maze you find yourself

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