I’ve been there. Underneath your clothes. Our bodies wrapped in our fluids, as close as could be possible in physical realm but diving even deeper into the depths of unknown spirituality like voyager 1. I’ve felt your soft places getting hard to my touch and the hardest parts softening at once. I’ve loved you over… Continue reading Cycle

Open Up

Strange things are happening. I feel I’m drifting toward OCD a bit more, or is it just the repercussions of getting older? I’m trying really hard to not to be a part of social compulsions, but since everyone around is so dripping in it, I cannot help but feel it is me who is odd.… Continue reading Open Up

speed of shamelessness

Deep in her heart the ache won’t stop. It groans. It moans. It threatens to pop. Over her head ghosts keep circling. She tries to fight despite her knees trembling. but the horror encapsulating her cannot be escaped. Underneath her skin a herd of neurons collide. They trip. They topple. They fall from sides. Weight… Continue reading speed of shamelessness

Everything Imaginary

You know, I have this character. I create my own dragons to fight to satisfy my hunger to prove my worth. And kill them when I’m bored. I’ve been waging wars with made-up gods as long as I remember. This place inside my head is goddamn fucked up. I hope someone would notice that. Someone… Continue reading Everything Imaginary

This place in my head

We've had our encounters.  We've reached to the count that's almost indivisible. We've done damages to each other.  It's now irreversible.  You shout out to the world.  Curse me for being a part of your life. I guess, I won't avoid you anymore.  What if I make you invisible? We'd started off together,  around six… Continue reading This place in my head


She was like one thick, high hitting, sentimental book with jaw-dropping twists and roller-coaster plots hidden within. That people generally would bypass for catchy, easy to understand, perhaps a light-hearted romcom.  That which needed guts to pick up, efforts to shuffle through, and courage to handle. That which when was engaged with was impossible to… Continue reading Her