Answered Prayer

I stay awake all night thinking about you Nothing else matters I just wanna be with you The more I love you the more I feel loved Why I’m so crazy I need you more than enough I’ve lost myself somewhere. Here’s only you My sad old story suddenly appears fresh and new I expose... Continue Reading →


Missing you

It is the month of our beginning and separationWhatever happened is beyond our imaginationThat stupid slogan has finally diedThat we chanted every minute we laughed or criedFinally we’ve moved out of the fever Of being Together Forever I know it is enough late to go back and amend How could we forget, flying someday had... Continue Reading →

At Minus 3ºC

Imagine… My feet under yours when you’re afraid to walk barefoot, And your hands in my back pockets to make them warm, Embrace of my hands around your waist, Face under your hair and lips kissing your neck, As we walk towards kitchen for morning coffee, When the temperature is minus 3 degree…

You’ll be loved

Tell this world why you have the heart, How many folds does it have, How many does it have the scars, Let them hear when it rhymes, Open it up, Let it sing every time, One day you’ll find someone, Who will give you his hand, What you’ve been through, He will understand, Nothing he... Continue Reading →

Little Girl

Little girl lays on her bed, beside the photo of her mom, Missing to hold her hands, Says she loves her so much, Little girl wakes in the night, Cries as why did she had a fight, With her mom in her dream, While she is sleeping in another room, This little girl closes her... Continue Reading →

Dhoop (Sun Rays)

~ Let me steal, keep in my pocket, the sun rays slithered from your face, It’ll light up my world if you’re ever gone away… ~ थोड़ी सी धूप चुरा कर रख लूं मैं जेब में, जो तेरे चेहरे को छू कर आई है, ग़र तुम कभी रूठ कर चले गए, मेरी दुनिया में अँधेरा तो... Continue Reading →


I know I’ll have to go through a lot as I'll grow, But in front of the problems I’ll never bow, Bad people and wrong decisions are essential part of life, Just like heavy rain for a beautiful rainbow.

I know…

~ Let me not believe, That you are gone, Let me not believe, That you won't come, Let me not believe, That it's over, Let me not believe, That you are done, Let me not believe, That we had the last kiss, Let me not believe, That I’ll have to miss, Let me not believe,... Continue Reading →

Fuck You!

~Even if you don’t care about my lyrics,The hard work I put into engrave,Even if you don’t read when I share on facebook,I suggest you go and join the bloody assbook,‘Coz I know that you are not worth of it,You should be obliged that I share at least,I know that you pretend ignoring,These are actually... Continue Reading →

One Inch

Holding her face in his hands, He rubs her cheeks softly with his thumbs, No word is being spoken, Only the heart gets the Goosebumps, He looks at her lips, He doesn’t want to let slip the moment, Eyes being filled with tears, And the throat gets the lumps, He examines carefully, Every pixel of... Continue Reading →

Morning walk

After a very long time, today, I woke up early before the sunrise, Birds singing along with the fresh air, Everything made me surprise,  How heavenly was it, There resided no ambition to fly, No fear to fall, Dim light, Silent streets, Added so much charm to it all, I looked around, Thought about the... Continue Reading →

Happy without you!

O my heart, Why don’t you understand? Why do you desire, Someone you can’t get, ~ Why you roam in memories? Its time to forget, ~ Someone is happy, Somewhere without you, No one is coming back,  ~ You already knew, The time you had, Gets a few,  ~ You were fortunate, You lived those... Continue Reading →

A Breed Extinct

Don’t judge my actions, Volatile are these, No prediction, So much inside me, Is always floating, It’s random, No pattern, I change my course, Before you distinguish, It’s quick with conviction, A breed extinct I am, Exist only in assumptions, Impossible is to deceive me, I trust intuitions, I read mind, I gauge soul, Seem... Continue Reading →

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