Open Up

Strange things are happening. I feel I’m drifting toward OCD a bit more. Or is it just the repercussions of getting older? I’m trying really hard to not to be a part of social compulsions but since everyone around is so dripping in it, I cannot help but feel it is me who is odd.... Continue Reading →


speed of shamelessness

Deep in her heart the ache won’t stop. It groans. It moans. It threatens to pop. Over her head ghosts keep circling. She tries to fight despite her knees trembling. but the horror encapsulating her cannot be escaped. Underneath her skin a herd of neurons collide. They trip. They topple. They fall from all sides.... Continue Reading →


She was like one thick, high hitting, sentimental book with jaw-dropping twists and roller-coaster plots hidden within. That people generally would bypass for catchy, easy to understand, perhaps a light-hearted romcom.  That which needed guts to pick up, efforts to shuffle through, and courage to handle. That which when was engaged with was impossible to... Continue Reading →


Why I say what I say: Maybe, I mean exactly what I say. Or maybe not. Maybe, I don't want you to know what I don't say. Or maybe, I want you to figure out that there are few unsaid things. Maybe, I'm trying to manipulate you. Maybe, I want you to unnecessarily think about... Continue Reading →


If I could plug my fingers in your bones, I can make you glow. If we could give us a chance to blend, we can get the energy flow. We've lost opportunities. We've ruined each other time and again. But we haven't run out of love yet. Even if we'll start late, we can always... Continue Reading →


Lost in the beauty of the night, wild my thoughts are running cold. We’ve had pillow-fight in this room many times before. Now, someone else has held your hands, just like I was told. I would probably leave my bed waiting cold alone for I’m afraid if I fell asleep, since there is a high... Continue Reading →

King of Hearts

What should I say about me. Lesser is ample. I bet on the last horse. My life-story always a gamble. I deal in codes, words and codewords. I see what's usually not visible. I am a trump card yet to be opened. A king of hearts mostly heartbroken. I converse in verse. I deal with... Continue Reading →


Our jaded reality is breaking us at different odds. We are tumbling, circling over varied crossroads. I’m trapped between the interstellar of your eyes. The price would be high, if I make a wish. But darling whatever may this phase stings us with. I am not giving-up on you. Just remember this. Committed to hold... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, I feel that my whole existence is an accident. Something that was never desired but happened. Like I’m that speck of the universe that isn’t required. ‘cause when I cry, I often become the source of amusement. My abilities are hated. My sanity is often challenged. I walk in a room and everyone feel... Continue Reading →


I miss me. The heartbroken one. Rejected, hungry and broke. Struggling with the whole world against me. But still fighting. Not giving up on the hopes for a better tomorrow. There was a tingling sensation in the tears dripping down my cheeks. There was an unexplainable satisfaction in the lost dreams. When the force to... Continue Reading →


Show you the places never seen. That’s where the grass is always green. Where music cleanses the soul and lyrics quarantine. You could be the one you’ve never been. Take every path you stumbled and deferred. Crack every code hiding in random words. Decode zig-saw puzzles and every crossword, Unexpressed emotions, and prospects blurred. I... Continue Reading →

Unfinished – II

A queen of twisted endings, As if she had a fascination for misery. Her smile tore her lips from the edges. Her laughter was an alkaline chemistry. She craved for Moon in moonless nights, Hid when it was one sparkling satellite. Beaming in love with her could’ve been a pleasure, But is already an ache... Continue Reading →


A beauty that scathes tranquility. An elegance that's meant to be worn only on the chins raised in pride. A smile that outshines every known star. She has such power. Her laughter defies the defined limits of time and space. She is the center that causes gravity so intense everything falls in rotation around her... Continue Reading →


Its evening, sun is about to set for the day. Orange color is spreading all over the clouds as this is the way sun plays holi with them. Birds are chirping happily and have already started going back to their nests. Few of the houses already have lit their lights before sun could completely disappear.... Continue Reading →

Barking People

As stars conspire against me, I see them spark, (And they bark), As it rains heavily, I sleep in the park, (And they bark), When it hurts so badly, I hold onto my heart, (And they bark), Rainbow fades away as I see, I admire its arc, (And they bark), When my path is lonely,... Continue Reading →

The precious thing

Around a crowded street, There is a man sitting covered in a blanket rotten, Looks like a beggar, But he isn’t interested when anybody has anything to offer, Instead he hides himself further, Towards the corner, When anyone comes near, He bears hell lot of fear, Holding something in his hands, Blood is dripping from... Continue Reading →

Life for Pride

Break the leg or ram the head, Water cannon, Tear gas or Lathicharge instead, Common man has risen up for his right, He won’t shut up until everything turns right, Peaceful is going to be his march, Holding in his hands the humanity torch, Fighting hard to save his pride, He won’t shut up until... Continue Reading →


I know you are waiting for me to see you in my dream... but these thoughts of yours keep bugging me to be insomniac. 

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