Faith and the fall

She would often tie me up, in my hands, my legs, my lips. For her I was a toy, a ball. She would throw me up in air, and catch me as I fall. It was scary and a lot fun too, like jumping off a sinking ship. It didn’t matter at all if I… Continue reading Faith and the fall

For she had to mother

Barricaded in persistent desire to mother her child, her senses ruptured like an old building collapses in a series of controlled explosions, so its misfortune is tamed. Her strength truncated with ever inflating emotional burden; nothing could’ve stabilized her imbalances, neither native wealth, affection, nor faith in Almighty’s intent. The cyclic hollowness of day and… Continue reading For she had to mother

Little Girl

Little girl lays on her bed, beside the photo of her mom, Missing to hold her hands, Says she loves her so much, Little girl wakes in the night, Cries as why did she had a fight, With her mom in her dream, While she is sleeping in another room, This little girl closes her… Continue reading Little Girl