Its evening, sun is about to set for the day. Orange color is spreading all over the clouds as this is the way sun plays holi with them. Birds are chirping happily and have already started going back to their nests. Few of the houses already have lit their lights before sun could completely disappear.... Continue Reading →



Walking together when we have discussion, Sometimes I feel that you don’t listen, You say your words you wanna say, And my words used to fall midway, Somehow they don’t reach your ears, Every time there comes a dead air, And when your phone rings when I am talking, You pick it up as my... Continue Reading →

Knock me down!

Let’s have round and round, Until one is not on ground, Let's get this sort out, I don’t want another bout, Let it explode, Doors are closed, Show me what you’ve got, Shot by shot, Isn’t it a lottery? It’s me in you territory, Knock me down, It’s a golden chance, Show me your envy,... Continue Reading →

Someone between us

Is it a new chapter? Is something new beginning? I heard her talking, About me with her friends, I saw her a month back, I felt my heart shivering, That ever since she came, I am feeling it’s all repeating once again, And baby you don’t know, How scared I may feel, When she looks... Continue Reading →

All Alone – Screenwriting

[Scene 1] At around 9 O’ clock in the night, a room with main lights off, a couple of candles burning and all curtains are down. [Close up:] A camera from the roof is slowly moving displaying her bare toes peeping outside the blanket… She lays sleeping, [Close up:] As it moves upwards at the... Continue Reading →

A Day, A Kiss – II

Weaving a dream, hoping to see her some day, But she lives in a place so far away, Where it may not be possible for me to reach, Maybe we’ll never get a chance to meet, With every thread of this dream I see her eyes shining like stars in the sky, And I wish... Continue Reading →

A Day, A Kiss – I

Walking on a darkened pathway, I had lost hopes, faded courage, All day, all night, only thing had remained, Making doodles on an empty page, With each passing day I tried to make some sense of those senseless lines, I hysterically drew, As was hopelessly waiting for my life to get through, Roaming aimlessly, were... Continue Reading →

India wants Justice!

On 16th of December 2012, a 23 old girl gets gang raped by 6 men in a moving bus in Delhi, injured brutally and thrown on the street half naked. While she is fighting for her life in ICU, thousands and millions of people are protesting on the streets in several cities of the country... Continue Reading →


I know you are waiting for me to see you in my dream... but these thoughts of yours keep bugging me to be insomniac. 

Bury your worries in sky lanterns, leave them floating in endless dark, Then the darkest sky will glitter like anything.

No Direction

Do you know? When you were jumping for One Direction, There was my heart under your feet, You were shouting their names, I wished if it was for me, You said you would die for a touch,  Without thinking about us, I was standing, dying right beside you, And you didn’t see, I know baby... Continue Reading →


Daydreamer... Sitting at the doorstep Puffing off a cigarette Dreaming of the smile that can sooth his stress. There is no one around that you find He is smiling At the character of his mind Daydreamer... Walking at the sea shore Talking in his thoughts Imagining everything is perfect Ups and downs of eyelashes movement... Continue Reading →

Journey of our love – I

I was alone when for the first time I met you, Where would that meeting lead us I had no clue, We became friends so quickly in a days few, My hands got stuck on yours like glue, You were not available I already knew, Still this heart started beating for you, February was the... Continue Reading →

December Nights

When I have to put Glycerin on my lips, I think of you as I didn’t need it when you were here, The love of your lips was enough, When they used to rub their lip-gloss on mine, When I have to wear gloves for my fingers, I think of you as I didn't need... Continue Reading →

Extra Heartbeats

ख़र्चा हो गयीं धड़कने कुछ और ज्यादा, बचा कर रखने का था इरादा, आँखों में उनकी ऐसा डूबा ये मासूम दिल, भूल गया फिर से न फिसलने का खुद से किया वादा! ~ Extra heartbeats got spent, Was hoping to get them saved and stored, Innocent heart drowned in such a way into her eyes,... Continue Reading →

I am Spiderman – The End

Read The Beginning here ... Next day’s sun rises a little slow, Chevy’s arm hurts so badly, he doesn't even know, That he was bitten by a black widow, Side effects have already started to show, Making his heart beat so low, Pale has turned the place where he was bitten, Hair grew all over his hands like of... Continue Reading →

Time for a new Song

It’s just a state, Being in love or in hate, Once it’s over it’s too late, To go back and re-initiate, It’s like you can’t eat the same piece again, That you already ate, Even if there is fresh air around, You’ll still suffocate, You’ve already lost the strings, Now, you can’t operate, Recollect your pieces,... Continue Reading →

Dark days are over!

Memories of you stuck in my head, I curse myself ‘coz it’s difficult to shred our thread, Why did you leave me on my own? How can you pretend to be unknown? But baby, sun shines after every dark night, I won’t beg you for any chance; I know I am right, The truth in... Continue Reading →

Watching you with him

I see you holding his hands, My heart beats as low as it can, You look into his eyes, I get the cramps, To make it understand I try, But it cries, it cries million tears,  I see him holding you close, My hands suddenly turn cold, He tastes your lips, Mine turns sour, He... Continue Reading →

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