Everything Imaginary

You know, I have this character. I create my own dragons to fight to satisfy my hunger to prove my worth. And kill them when I’m bored. I’ve been waging wars with made-up gods as long as I remember. This place inside my head is goddamn fucked up. I hope someone would notice that. Someone... Continue Reading →

Before Autumn Hits

Drinking on incomprehensible fantasies, Sinking, pondering upon what we can be, Been busy stretching out my heartstrings, Wrung out, craving for an unfeasible beginning. Like I’ve been like this for ages. Winter wind froze me to death; summer burned me in stages. Lost my sanity multiple times, Got back up nicely; had been really nice.... Continue Reading →

The idea of the idea of you

Gather you in my arms. Tame your particles running wayward, wild. Tell you the tales of tiptoeing around the edges, And skip a few breaths on the way you would smile. Carry you on my back, Shout you out to the world, and hide you beneath the fabric of my favorite cotton shirt. Lift you... Continue Reading →

Sinking Lantern

She was a pretty poetry, Stung with venomous verses. Her eyes were smoking fire. Her heart was weaved in tornado. She knew not how to disperse it. She didn’t have to. Her hope was a sinking lantern. Her soul was inking silver. She floated through despair Where lows and highs were a constant truth. She... Continue Reading →

Writer. Fighter.

On a bench in the corner, Lost in the crowd. Adamant to be apart. Convincing self to be an art, And the artist. Twisted wrist, and a split heart. Learning chords on broken guitar back home. No phone calls. No messages. No one’s out there thinking about this lost drone. Vibrating on the verve of... Continue Reading →

She won’t go wrong

Confined in impassable space, Her life’s a set of crossing lines. With every pause at each wrong place, She’s cramping to the sidelines. Teardrops gash her beautiful face. She’s a dying, innocuous song. Wild implosions beneath her case, But she keeps on keeping strong. Insisting her efforts in assuaging demons, Her days remain irrevocably consistent.... Continue Reading →

But you said you won’t go

I find myself standing on the way alone,You were walking with me a moment back,Wondering where have you gone,Trying to overcome finding a reason appropriate,Ruined is the world we were about to create, What am I supposed to do, what should I show, I am sad because you left and because you said you won’t... Continue Reading →

Take you home

If the clouds are heavy on you, If the wind is wildly blue, If all the people make you invisible, And you feel lovelorn, Tumble in my arms, I’ll take you home, If the sobs are on a longer stay, If smiles constantly betray, Days are dark and nights so gray, And you feel lovelorn,... Continue Reading →

100 Meters

Lined up on a track, In a tracksuit, Weak and cracked, Cracked dreams on shoulder, Determined to make it bolder, Aligned to make it straight, Straight to the podium, And that too without sodium, Old guilt makes him frustrate, When he was terminated, by sodium bicarbonate, So he’s cleaned it all, No, this time he... Continue Reading →


My heart was filled with hope and blood You came I drained it to make room for love Then you left sucked it all up This is how empty it feels now You became the sucked-up chlorophyll off my green And the shoved-in vacuum of my void I’m a trash full of useless stuffs This... Continue Reading →

Agnes with unicorn

Sitting adjacent together, When tangle our pinky fingers, Sketched faces on our thumbs, When kiss each other, I’m Agnes with unicorn, ~ Being teased by your eyes, Seeing your face with big wide smile, In my ears when you murmur, Run your fingers in my hair, I’m Agnes with unicorn, ~ Talking to me as... Continue Reading →


One step up, Two steps down, She’s struggling to trust herself, She won’t give up, She won’t lie down, What if she’s struggling way too much?  ~ But I’ll be there, Standing by her side, Through all the ups and all the downs, If nobody’s there to catch her if she falls, I’ll be there,... Continue Reading →

Do I fluctuate?

Sometimes sitting in a coffee shop, When I see a cute couple having nice time, As he plays with her hands, I think of you,  ~ Sometimes travelling in a metro train, When a boy plays with his girl, As he touches her lips, I think of you,  ~ Do you think of me? When... Continue Reading →

Go back home

Standing in that corner O’ baby, Aren’t you feeling cold already? I’ve been watching you there for hours, Are you waiting for someone who won’t come? Lightning has already started, There could be rain in any moment, Or is it raining already? In your eyes I see the moisture,  ~ I know what you’re going... Continue Reading →


I was angry, You turned me sweet, You kept me haunted, I became everything you wanted. I forgot that I was a badass, Forgave everyone who was nothing but a shitty trash, You walked away, I forgot my identify, That you’d made me believe, For so long I struggled, For my real being I baffled,... Continue Reading →

Hero (Inspired)

Would you stay? If I ask you to stay, Or would you run? And never look back, Would you hide? From all the love that I’ll provide, Or would you do the same, all life?   Would you step back? If I wanted to kiss, Or would you just close your eyes? Would you always... Continue Reading →

Love the way you lie – III

[Eminem:]  It is ridiculous, When you all of a sudden start hating me ‘coz I’m putting on the weight, And why does it feel that it is you, who always initiate… ..this fight.. and even when I hold tight, You force me to curse you and then I start yelling and complaining about your falling... Continue Reading →

Next to me

Since when you walked out, I stare at the empty seat of my car, How when you were sitting here right next to me, We had gone so so far, Smell of your perfume is still in the air, I close my eyes and it feels you’re still in here, Like in a moment you’ll... Continue Reading →

I’ll be…

I’ll be the napkin to wipe your falling tears, I’ll be the candles to burn on your dinner table, I’ll be the pillow that you would hold tight, I’ll be the punching bag when you’re up for a fight, I’ll be the street light to show you the way in darkest night, I’ll always be... Continue Reading →

Out of my way – Extra verses

Stop barking at me it won’t help, It’ll land on ears deaf, Piss off your fucking face, I am obsessed with myself, Keep saying “there is no shortcut to success”, For that matter, watch me bloom; I am creating an escalator, Your bullshit ideas - you better keep, I’m listening to my heart, it’s on... Continue Reading →

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