Full Circle

Life has come to a full circle in this city of dreams. A year, gone in a moment, feels like a lifetime. Trapped in shackles of routine, I often rebel for the memories I’d made and cherish which I couldn’t in time. Isn’t it funny we all act often too late? Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow... Continue Reading →



I carry sculptures of the lovers upon my lips. Like a looping song inside my head whose penultimate lines I cannot recall. Like writing on the wall. No one could mend me when they really tried. I changed when they opted to go and I let them. They thought I was cold like a serpent.... Continue Reading →


Lift the planet on our hands, place in the center of our dreams, we can move the moon and mountains, we can change the pattern of streams. Push by the tip of our fingers, we can revolve them like the love of teens. We can do unimaginable, we can do wonders, only if we’re a... Continue Reading →

Shell of a woman

She’s nectar and a poisonous vector. She loves to kill; she kills for love. She’s offended by charming people. She’s a devil in the shell of a woman. She sees people naked for what they truly are. She wants naked, wounded souls in her arms. Touch of her tongue is like thousand tiny needles. She’s... Continue Reading →


I’ve been there. Underneath your clothes. Our bodies wrapped in our fluids, as close as could be possible in physical realm but diving even deeper into the depths of unknown spirituality like voyager 1. I’ve felt your soft places getting hard to my touch and the hardest parts softening at once. I’ve loved you over... Continue Reading →

As fuck

Remember the lonely nights when we were sad and naked in our little tarnished worlds that had just one life-form– us. Chocking on cigarettes, soaking in whisky, horny and angry and audacious to burn the whole sky down but vulnerable enough to succumb even to a fake hug. We needed just a little love when... Continue Reading →

Everything Imaginary

You know, I have this character. I create my own dragons to fight to satisfy my hunger to prove my worth. And kill them when I’m bored. I’ve been waging wars with made-up gods as long as I remember. This place inside my head is goddamn fucked up. I hope someone would notice that. Someone... Continue Reading →

A lifetime is often too late

Had he told her the moment he saw her he knew she was his soulmate, she would've been scared, just like she was when he told her that he felt meeting her was a part of his destiny. Had he told her that he knew all her insecurities, lost dreams, and lifelong miseries, she would've... Continue Reading →

You in my head

An oasis, a nemesis, there are different aspects of you in my story book. You are but not what I'd hoped. Maybe ten years down the line,  you would come close to be the one I have you in my head. The ‘you’ in my head has a complex interior. So complex that you will... Continue Reading →

Exchange of Benefits

I’m a welder of thoughts. You’re everything fancy. If we mix, things will go frenzy boom. Sunday morning come dressed up like Halloween. We’ll brew love in the reading room. I’ll shoot you between your heart, Got enough detonation to lift you to Moon. Kaboom! I’ll get fuel to write a few Poetry, And you’ll... Continue Reading →

Well Fed

A pretty cute doll, wrapped in ethnic attire and emotions. Wearing just a little make up and a lot of smiles. Holding hurricane inside her head, she could burst any moment. I wonder: is she well fed of love? I'm afraid if she is.

Pretty Soon

Take you high with me in broken bits. Soaring on altitude as my sanity splits. I drag you out from my mouth like swallowed thread. Spit you out of the window where the clouds spread. Damned this idea could never be defined. And I didn't know you'll be gone in no time. But I'll rise... Continue Reading →

Things of no importance

When I woke up this morning in this new city, I felt nostalgic. As if a part of me was somewhere misplaced. A part that I deliberately left behind. But the truth is, when you decide to move forward, there is always something that you have to leave. I was always aware of that,  but... Continue Reading →


I beg you in my bated breath to let me fix you.  I cannot see such beautiful thing so terribly misaligned.  I'm no master but let me try.  In return I'll let you make a mess of me the way you'd please.  And once you're fixed,  if you're fixed, maybe you can fix me back.


You may be devastated with no hopes, tumbling down toward your doom. I may be depleted, crossing out the corners of my universe, have no metaphoric home. We can still mix and fix our remaining ruins, crack a fire, make some magical shit. No, we won't be normal in this process. We may burn this... Continue Reading →


If I could plug my fingers in your bones, I can make you glow. If we could give us a chance to blend, we can get the energy flow. We've lost opportunities. We've ruined each other time and again. But we haven't run out of love yet. Even if we'll start late, we can always... Continue Reading →


A disputed queen of destruction*  as if she were secretly mating with the hounds. Her eyes penetrated shadows. Her soul was vantablack abound. She chewed her buccal, shunned the appalling swines. Often she suffered but eventually turned out fine. Daunting damsel, she had a lot to offer other than howl, hunt, hurt or hiss. Haunted... Continue Reading →


How often I wish to chop you up, smudge you down, wrap you in a paper towel, and smoke you like weed. Do this once, then repeat. I know the ways one rejoices pain. Extract pleasure out of misery, entertain in ways inhumane. No, I don’t need cocaine. I’m already high. I’m always high. High... Continue Reading →


Lost in the beauty of the night, wild my thoughts are running cold. We’ve had pillow-fight in this room many times before. Now, someone else has held your hands, just like I was told. I would probably leave my bed waiting cold alone for I’m afraid if I fell asleep, since there is a high... Continue Reading →


Our jaded reality is breaking us at different odds. We are tumbling, circling over varied crossroads. I’m trapped between the interstellar of your eyes. The price would be high, if I make a wish. But darling whatever may this phase stings us with. I am not giving-up on you. Just remember this. Committed to hold... Continue Reading →

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