It is 2 am, drenched in whisky and loneliness I sit at the rooftop. Fragments of our past pass through me, shattering the interior at molecular level. I feel like a satellite that got hit by a parade of solar-dust particles and cannot help but consume the impact and spin in frenzy circles as the… Continue reading Static

Define Death

My heart is a collection of broken pieces, Skillfully designed to malfunction, Its hiccups and goose-bumps Get my expiration a little closer, And the vibrations shake my life a little farther from me; I am dying a slow, painful death, Waiting for a glimpse of your face, And I know it’ll be more painful, if… Continue reading Define Death

Become Who? (New Title)

Legs, Covered in linen – The color of moonlit sky, Miss the usual leather boots, Toes hurt, but comforted of marble floor – Cold and white, And the room is, as lit As only for the eyes Those lived in dark too long; Walls: pulled by cigarettes reek, Windows: sealed in thin cotton warriors, Prohibiting… Continue reading Become Who? (New Title)

Talking to myself

Hundreds of people on busy street, it’s a routine, what the rush Loud noise of people chattering, shouting, yelling Vehicles aren’t any less too Earphone’s on, Eminem’s playing on, Probably, a better way to keep everything on mute Black t-shirt, blue jeans, A backpack on shoulder, Filled with documents Of 21 years’ wasted time And… Continue reading Talking to myself

You’ll be loved

Tell this world why you have the heart, How many folds does it have, How many does it have the scars, Let them hear when it rhymes, Open it up, Let it sing every time, One day you’ll find someone, Who will give you his hand, What you’ve been through, He will understand, Nothing he… Continue reading You’ll be loved

And I can’t believe…

I can’t believe the words, I can’t believe the anger, When you sound uninterested, Like you don’t care, I try every day, To read the silence, To understand what you don’t say, I can’t believe its happening, I can’t believe the fear, You don’t attend my calls, Like you don’t care, I try every day,… Continue reading And I can’t believe…