I inherit deadness from dead dreams. My soul was tormented. I am a mannequin stocked with blood and bones. My reality is shaped by thunders. I don’t laugh on same joke twice. I don’t feel same pain again. My life, just like yours, had abundance. I’m a man made of blunders. I sink in the... Continue Reading →


As fuck

Remember the lonely nights when we were sad and naked in our little tarnished worlds that had just one life-form– us. Chocking on cigarettes, soaking in whisky, horny and angry and audacious to burn the whole sky down but vulnerable enough to succumb even to a fake hug. We needed just a little love when... Continue Reading →


Hold breath. Let it all go. Sink. Lock lips. Don’t you dare think. It’ll take a while for rock-bottom to reach ‘tween some sharks, jellyfish ‘n leech. But when it’ll hit, You’ll see nothing shallow floats so deep. And when you’ve seen enough, Bubble it all out. Soar back up.


She’d studied art. But she hated the writer who wrote the protagonist she loved. She claimed to understand art. But she whined when life dipped that gave her much needed thrust. She herself could be an art. But she was too busy correcting her flaws that made her exclusive. She who was destined to be... Continue Reading →


I miss me. The heartbroken one. Rejected, hungry and broke. Struggling with the whole world against me. But still fighting. Not giving up on the hopes for a better tomorrow. There was a tingling sensation in the tears dripping down my cheeks. There was an unexplainable satisfaction in the lost dreams. When the force to... Continue Reading →


Plummeting on whirling, twirling happenstances, Purging away from appalling reminiscences, Hauling out her soul from such sticky black-hole, She needed someone to hold. Picking, stitching her teary, weary capacitances, An unsteady lone particle, travelling hefty distances, Tearing herself away from her soul- like sticky charcoal, She needed someone to hold. And be told that she... Continue Reading →


Halting, succumbing in my tracks. Falling down; widening my cracks. Approaching September-wind blows the gone distress. Seems like one heck of a throwback. The time got stiff; it doesn’t seem to bend. Failed all my attempts; left with no amendments. One moment, I’m patient like a tree. At another, a woodpecker so impatient. What is... Continue Reading →


  It’s heavy in my head. I’m a repertoire of ancient, rusty, abandoned, sharp, toxic, metallic junk, floating upon the liquid of my punctured dreams. narcotic, chaotic is the wind here that blows right through me. you wouldn’t bear a sight of this world – I carry inside – if you perceive through my eyes.... Continue Reading →

Sinking Lantern

She was a pretty poetry, Stung with venomous verses. Her eyes were smoking fire. Her heart was weaved in tornado. She knew not how to disperse it. She didn’t have to. Her hope was a sinking lantern. Her soul was inking silver. She floated through despair Where lows and highs were a constant truth. She... Continue Reading →

Heartbreakingly Two

Sometimes, They were like two trees – Standing besides, So much love tangled in their hearts, Waiting to be released, Unleashed. Their roots touching. Their leaves ruffling. Their trunks fixed in one ground. Craving for an eternal embrace, But never getting a chance, Or courage. Being there in every season – Summer or spring. Believing... Continue Reading →

Writer. Fighter.

On a bench in the corner, Lost in the crowd. Adamant to be apart. Convincing self to be an art, And the artist. Twisted wrist, and a split heart. Learning chords on broken guitar back home. No phone calls. No messages. No one’s out there thinking about this lost drone. Vibrating on the verve of... Continue Reading →

Broken Diamonds

She was a broken diamond. Used by all; appreciated by none. Her eyes were the gateway to distant stars. And her heart was a fractured monument. Now and then, she hid beneath tables. Her heartstrings, strumming like broken cables. Yet she was an ideal instrument. But her dreams were mostly barren. And she wore a... Continue Reading →

Song of life

Creaking sound his bones make, Pushing him to think that he can’t take, Anymore of this boredom, Recollects the wreckage of his memoir, Picks up his guitar, That’s covered in dust, Rested for years in the closet eating rust, Tuning up a melody, Hopelessly.. For the song of life…

The Blind Box

I’m trapped in a cold, blind box, Four square-walls without an exit, I bang my head trying to escape, It’s hard to touch the Sun without sweating, I need warmth, but I’m scared of burning. I wear scars, all over my heart, I’ve been brutally cracked, I’ve been split, I want to be found, desperately,... Continue Reading →

The Death of a Poet by Hira Nazir

Enslaved in the fetters; She popped off – Every time she tried to gasp; Her springy lungs collapsed – Into many fragile crumbs, The wind pipe curtailed – Curbing the air, to get inside her And let the numb soul revive again… She was, a belle of innocence Dangling baffled, in an intricate net –... Continue Reading →

Love, always.

To all the love-sick asses out there, I wish infinity of love and peace, and to every lovelorn, tons of creativity. Live, Love, Create! Happy Valentine's day!

Mistakes Snowflakes

A time.. many times, Mistakes showered like snowflakes, I did know not, But I shot them up; They flew pappy, Settled hard on the ground, Around me; Soon, (Not that really,) But I woke, After my fingers grew numb, And lips cut blue, As unbearably quiet, The cold around me rose, My harsh expulsion turned... Continue Reading →

Corner of Earth

So far From    The tugs of war Unheard sentiments, intended scars Counting on those shooting stars A world of cages in the massive jar So far From    The ugly faces wearing char Around the clock, 24 hours Beating drums and loud guitars I dream of a place and there you are So pure... Continue Reading →

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