Wet & Dry

  When you talked I kept on watching your lips I didn’t know neither what did your eyes say nor could I grab a word slipped from your mouth. and you always complained that I didn't look into your eyes while talking to you. Maybe you didn’t know, I was already messed up. But you… Continue reading Wet & Dry

Your favorite game

"I can reach you from the farthest places I can tear down the hardest obstacles with the speed of light and power of hulk" this is what I always say when you want to know what I can do to be with you but even when I can claim to make all of this possible… Continue reading Your favorite game

December Nights

When I have to put Glycerin on my lips, I think of you as I didn’t need it when you were here, The love of your lips was enough, When they used to rub their lip-gloss on mine, When I have to wear gloves for my fingers, I think of you as I didn't need… Continue reading December Nights