World upside down

She ran behind ducklings. She had a heart of pulp. She had a face of heart. She had a purple tongue. She was a work of art. She was the princess of her town. She saw the world upside down. She loved Motordrome. She loved looping cars. She often made her face. She smelled old…

Unfinished – VI

A queen of sensational beginnings as if she walked with a background score. Her oomph pushed the ceilings, her stride shook the floor. She showed her skin, and died a little inside. She craved for a humble home beyond sparkling lights. Her roots withered; her chin hit the ground. No one heard her howls even…

Plastic Queen

A queen of unread poetry scribbled within the white spaces of old newspapers. She collected plastic from garbage and tiny pieces of discarded pencils. Her bright eyes turned yellow, reading anything she could under kerosene-lit lamp. A fire burning inside her heart wasn’t enough to light-up her home between roads. She barely got enough sleep….

That old me

I miss me. The heartbroken one. Rejected, hungry and broke. Struggling with the whole world against me. But still fighting. Not giving up on the hopes for a better tomorrow. There was a tingling sensation in the tears dripping down my cheeks. There was an unexplainable satisfaction in the lost dreams. When the force to…

100 Meters

Lined up on a track, In a tracksuit, Weak and cracked, Cracked dreams on shoulder, Determined to make it bolder, Aligned to make it straight, Straight to the podium, And that too without sodium, Old guilt makes him frustrate, When he was terminated, by sodium bicarbonate, So he’s cleaned it all, No, this time he…

Lemons and Vodka

If life throws lemons on you.. catch them all.. you would be needing them during Vodka Shots. ~

At the bottom

Consider yourself at the bottom, what will happen then?… You’ll Rise

Be the Change!

Hold control on your eyes Lose the loose talk Be civilized Have respect for every human being Educate everyone around To see the change happening BE THE CHANGE!!

Sky Lantern

Bury your worries in sky lanterns, leave them floating in endless dark, Then the darkest sky will glitter like anything.

Are you alive?

If… Your heart doesn’t beat on someone’s sight, If… You always find wrong in other’s right, If… You don’t have the trust, And… Don’t feel the need of love or the lust, If… You don’t have a dream to dream with open eyes, If… There is no hurdle in your way to fight, If… Glittering…


I know I’ll have to go through a lot as I’ll grow, But in front of the problems I’ll never bow, Bad people and wrong decisions are essential part of life, Just like heavy rain for a beautiful rainbow.

I met Myself

After getting tired from the choices I made in life, I decided to go back in time, To warn myself, About wrong decisions and the people, Who made my life like hell, In the time I landed I was thirteen, Queued up for food in school canteen, Dressed up in uniform with a pair of…


Determination is an only medicine to cure every malfunction.  ~

The Apple Tree

Sitting under an apple tree A young man totally free Roaming into his thoughts He is completely lost Sitting his head scratching The answers unknown he is searching Though he is a little boy so shy Always surrounded with the question “why” Why things happen the way they do? He always tries to find the…


  Who thought that for the independence we fought? Would lead us standing against each other, Remember we were always together? Through all the lows and the highs, Through all the weathers,   We shared the small thing inside our chest, But few people ripped us apart, pierced our hearts, For their ugly quest,  …


When I was a kid, one day in my school, one of our teachers came into the classroom with a problem. He drew a line on blackboard and asked us to make that line small without erasing. After an half hour when we couldn’t find a solution, he simply drew a bigger line adjacent to…

Till the last breath

I always become so restless whenever my mind drags me towards the thoughts of the time when I am old, old enough to be retired from job, old enough to not to be able to flirt anymore, old enough when I and my wife stops feeling the need of sex, old enough when kids become…

Ice cream

When you have an ice cream in your hands… What do you do? Enjoy it thoroughly before it melts away, right? What’s the problem with life then? It’s melting and who knows if there is another one in store or not… ~Neeraj Kumar~

Power House

Hi Pals, Lately, I have written some powerful rants, outbursts. Here are those for you to have a look and enjoy. Please feel free to vote your favorite one and let me know your feedback. Click on the Title mentioned under the pictures to read respective poetry. Wish you a nice ride! A Breed Extinct…

Before you Die!

Your eyes flicker on her sight, Going away never seems right, As she comes near your heart jumps, Words don’t come out, you get the lumps, ` You don’t say a word, ‘coz you fear, She’ll deny and you’ll lose her, Wake up until it gets too late, Before anyone else takes the grip, `…