Universe. Observing you. Showing you signs on every step you take. Wanting you to follow your path it designed for you. But never really telling what it is you must do. Universe. It must be a woman. .

I love you but..

“If I share my life with you, it doesn’t mean that I’ll share my chocolate too.”

Eiffel Tower

I’m made of iron but I melt like wax when you exploit me with your fingers, All my strength vaporizes when you start licking them. You mold me without saying a word and I feel the strength of magnetic field as you get me spinning all night on one leg until I feel like a balloon…

Roadside Romeo

Get me hooked up with you is an ultimate goal I set I have looked up everywhere for someone like you and when I finally found that you are real How can I let you go? Get you locked up in the corner jail instead I have booked up many lovers there like you They’ll…

Writing is easy!

1. First of all find a muse for yourself. 2. Control the heck of thunder bubbling inside your mind. 3. Be restless for hours to write few lines. [Loop = ∞ on step 2 and 3] and if you’re lucky enough to come out from this loop – 4. Feel sick for what you’ve written….

Poor pillow

Desperation rode this way on his head, Neither had he slept, Nor did let the pillow. 😉


Once there was a man, Obsessed with himself, To be the center of attraction, He always wanted, And the ghost of this delusion, Always kept him haunted, What should he do? He brainstormed really hard, He wanted to be treated as a superstar, One day a brilliant idea struck into his head, Got an appointment…

I am Spiderman – The End

Read The Beginning here … Next day’s sun rises a little slow, Chevy’s arm hurts so badly, he doesn’t even know, That he was bitten by a black widow, Side effects have already started to show, Making his heart beat so low, Pale has turned the place where he was bitten, Hair grew all over his hands like of…

I am Spiderman – The beginning

A little boy named Chevy, Last night saw his favorite movie, He is an all time big sci-fi fan, And the movie he saw was Spiderman, He is smart, always gets good grades in school, To him being a Spiderman is Oh-So-Cool, He wakes up with the hangover, Wanting to be real life Peter Parker,…


~ You always get an itchy nose when there is chilli in your hands ~ 

Lazy Day

Wishing if by its own switches on the TV, Or if the remote flies towards me, I’m lazy enough to get on the clothes, Uff, how cruel can be the sloth,   I’m not in a mood to move, Will later reach the toothpaste tube, Please someone sooth my itching back, At least fetch me…

Stupid People

Today, I am trying something different that I have not written about before, other than my boring repetitive poetry, way too lengthy so-called songs or another chapter of my in-process book (Which even I’m not sure to complete). Please bear if you can’t digest it, feel free to walk out anytime. But please do not…