Universe. Observing you. Showing you signs on every step you take. Wanting you to follow your path it designed for you. But never really telling what it is you must do. Universe. It must be a woman. .

I am Spiderman – The End

Read The Beginning here ... Next day’s sun rises a little slow, Chevy’s arm hurts so badly, he doesn't even know, That he was bitten by a black widow, Side effects have already started to show, Making his heart beat so low, Pale has turned the place where he was bitten, Hair grew all over his hands like of… Continue reading I am Spiderman – The End

I am Spiderman – The beginning

A little boy named Chevy, Last night saw his favorite movie, He is an all time big sci-fi fan, And the movie he saw was Spiderman, He is smart, always gets good grades in school, To him being a Spiderman is Oh-So-Cool, He wakes up with the hangover, Wanting to be real life Peter Parker,… Continue reading I am Spiderman – The beginning

Stupid People

Today, I am trying something different that I have not written about before, other than my boring repetitive poetry, way too lengthy so-called songs or another chapter of my in-process book (Which even I’m not sure to complete). Please bear if you can’t digest it, feel free to walk out anytime. But please do not… Continue reading Stupid People