If I could plug my fingers in your bones, I can make you glow. If we could give us a chance to blend, we can get the energy flow. We've lost opportunities. We've ruined each other time and again. But we haven't run out of love yet. Even if we'll start late, we can always... Continue Reading →



My hands, One upon other, Rest on my chest, With you inside and beside me; We warm the sheets but not hearts, The love between us is dying. Our fingers Will eat each other, This new phobia we discovered; We lay beside but poles apart; Love dies when we stop trying. Take a turn around,... Continue Reading →

Some day

Back in time, When love was at prime, Being lost in each other wasn’t a crime, In those days, You parted ways, Being associated with me, Wasn’t possible for you,  ~ Now we don’t talk, Yeah I sleepwalk, Try to find you being lost in my dreams, I shout your name, When I’m asleep, I... Continue Reading →

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Pretend To Smile

This is what the inside of my head looks like


Etudes in Writing


Respect the views of world and the world will respect you.

Inner Focus

i paint with light; but i also paint pictures with words...

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Learn and share photography in everyday life with photo-focused mom

A Choice Away

Through the maze you find yourself

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Fiction, and other made-up stories

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