I carry sculptures of the lovers upon my lips. Like a looping song inside my head whose penultimate lines I cannot recall. Like writing on the wall. No one could mend me when they really tried. I changed when they opted to go and I let them. They thought I was cold like a serpent.... Continue Reading →


Lovebreak (5 Haikus)

1. This frost of your breath Twirling, twisting on my tongue Wouldn’t let me rest, love. 2. Anesthetize me Snippets of your cold embrace We’ve run out of flames. 3. Mercy! If you can, I’m already withering, Accelerate, please. 4. Is that blood we wear? Is our love already dead? Have we chewed it off?... Continue Reading →

Dropped Kisses

Under your boot die the dropped kisses, A swing of your mood, and the bearer lips you bruise, Black and blue, you make holes inside the world, Meth & Jack Daniels, innocent dreams you ruin, I wish you love, I wish you heartbreak tonight, A new morning when sky will break, Your guns won’t mend... Continue Reading →


Hid under the paper-thin sheets, I meet with forewarnings, and little courage to cheat, “This perturbation is unnecessarily piling up,” Few more trials, then I'll shove it In deep-deep sleep, “No, it can’t happen, Not with me;” There is an exit from the back-door, That leads straight To the driveway to misery, To hell with... Continue Reading →

Leaking love

She thought she would get her fringes repaired (but) if only a small part was spared from being damaged she cheerfully let the silver color thicken on her heart assuming it’ll keep the rust apart for ages impact was intense damage is immense silver color is gone a hole remains Her heart broke apart, leaking... Continue Reading →

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