He bet galaxies for her. but, unbeknownst, she kept wishing on falling stars.


Lovebreak (5 Haikus)

1. This frost of your breath Twirling, twisting on my tongue Wouldn’t let me rest, love. 2. Anesthetize me Snippets of your cold embrace We’ve run out of flames. 3. Mercy! If you can, I’m already withering, Accelerate, please. 4. Is that blood we wear? Is our love already dead? Have we chewed it off?... Continue Reading →


We glow, like marbles Crunch and glisten, in the palms Of a magician, Hallucination, Comes with a circumference, We get none although, We’re floating balloons, Flying from earth reaching moon, Our lone ambition, Is to elevate in love, We are magic on our own, We glitter golden, In each other’s eyes so bright, More than... Continue Reading →


Stampede in my veins Insects’ Olympiad, you Eat my psyche. Love! ... Asleep my lungs seek Aroma of her breathing CO2 faints me. ... Hot steamed kiss puddings Peppermint flavored waistline Her tongue tastes like cheese. ... Like it burns, I love, In gullet; drill me down in Vapor or in dust. ... Gusto rushed... Continue Reading →

DUALITY (5 Haikus)

1 Opt not for a fling My head often gets this itch Life’s a boomerang 2 Sneak in solitude Trouble’s uninvited, I’m Often audacious 3 The bridges we built Shrink distances between us Let us burn them down 4 Parallel we walk Perpendicular we get Stop on a dot, we. 5 Breaths I need to... Continue Reading →


1 Ah, my feet off ground I fly on bi-wheel machine I’m unstoppable 2 They ain’t contest me For her petals I relish Ecstasy I breathe 3 Few buttons I push Then do some (Gobbledygook!) No? You’re so stupid 4 Crossed out bucket list Met the quest of ice bucket I’m epitome 5 A hum... Continue Reading →


Myriad Objects Single Dimensional Strings Matter, Space and Time. Twisted and Suppressed Cosmological Landscapes Exquisite Night Sky. Reference: String Theory on Wikipedia

Look of Love

Tick tock she enters A greeting from her brown eyes My heart starts talking Conversation struck After total seven days Peace made home at last. For Haiku Challenge

Shades of life

Cloud ghosts making love Hot embrace and warm kisses Trees belly-dancing Embrace me oh wind Cold and tingling paradise Freeze me in your love Independent verve Drifting through the mighty rocks Music in motion


Tiny, born fighters Epitome of teamwork Sheer inspiration. Written for Haiku Challenge at MindLoveMisery's Menagerie

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