Few Things Spiral

You would wonder, What I’m doing these days, After years stretched between us, I wonder that too; Do you still like to talk till you fall asleep? And want to tweak nose when you feel affectionate? Who you share your secrets with? After all, I’m your biggest secret now; Do you know? The distance between... Continue Reading →


Extra Mile

When stars will shoot like grenades You know, it happens when everyone and everything goes against I’ll stand by you. When everyone else will step back Refuse to travel the distance they were supposed to walk I’ll go the extra mile I’ll make you smile. When they’ll give you the excuses tailor-made When you would... Continue Reading →

Double Trouble

“Thinking of you” she texts when she goes to sleep and the promise to talk soon she does not keep she keeps accusing me to have a hobby to believe in things I shouldn't believe “Every poem of you is a masterpiece” She says and I keep admiring her for being so warmhearted She’s avoiding to... Continue Reading →

A Day, A Kiss – II

Weaving a dream, hoping to see her some day, But she lives in a place so far away, Where it may not be possible for me to reach, Maybe we’ll never get a chance to meet, With every thread of this dream I see her eyes shining like stars in the sky, And I wish... Continue Reading →

Happy Ending.. :)

Hey, I’m walking here all alone, Crying ‘coz my girl has gone, Trying just not to miss her, And not to shed many tears, Lying to none but myself, And there is no one to help, So I just walk, Don’t talk, Don’t even try to call her number, And tell that I still love... Continue Reading →

Friends Forever

Those may not be the greatest times, We had together, May the months have passed, We didn’t talk to each other,   Nothing can change one thing, We are friends forever,   We never had a thing in common, May few silly things happened, One thing is always maintained, We always stood together,   How... Continue Reading →

Memories are precious

“Memories are precious; do not let them fade away.” Here is a very small incident related to my real life. There was a girl, I was really attached to, we were so called friends but deep down inside I had something more for her. Before I could say anything she remained no more in my... Continue Reading →

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