I am not angry anymore!

Come on, Let me hold you, Let me kiss your tears, Don’t be disheartened, I am not angry anymore, Let’s play once again, Let’s forget the days already gone, Hear I say, I am not angry anymore, Let them see, We can stay happy, without them, Those who have gone, Broke our hearts, left alone,... Continue Reading →


Remembering you!

I know you are there somewhere, Breathing the time we had, Juggling with the memory, Trying to identify if it was true or not, I know that you know, That you are the one, I mention always in my talks, Remembering the time we had, You also do that, I know, Take out the time,... Continue Reading →

Till the last breath

I always become so restless whenever my mind drags me towards the thoughts of the time when I am old, old enough to be retired from job, old enough to not to be able to flirt anymore, old enough when I and my wife stops feeling the need of sex, old enough when kids become... Continue Reading →

Friends Forever

Those may not be the greatest times, We had together, May the months have passed, We didn’t talk to each other,   Nothing can change one thing, We are friends forever,   We never had a thing in common, May few silly things happened, One thing is always maintained, We always stood together,   How... Continue Reading →

Is bad time really that bad?

Going through the bad phase I always get stuck with this thought and get to a conclusion that it’s actually not that bad but people around you make it even worst. From last five months I have been struggling to get a job and even till today I don’t have a single offer in my... Continue Reading →

Memories are precious

“Memories are precious; do not let them fade away.” Here is a very small incident related to my real life. There was a girl, I was really attached to, we were so called friends but deep down inside I had something more for her. Before I could say anything she remained no more in my... Continue Reading →

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