Well Fed

A pretty cute doll, wrapped in ethnic attire and emotions. Wearing just a little make up and a lot of smiles. Holding hurricane inside her head, she could burst any moment. I wonder: is she well fed of love? I'm afraid if she is.


in poetry

so when you are bored by your routine, and damn ditched by endorphin. when you’re in need to recharge your batteries. come find me at the bank of my miseries. I’ll put my sting to rest awhile. I won’t bite you. we can plug each other to the cosmic ripple, and let the interstellar magic... Continue Reading →

Beast in me

Would it be tempting if I told you that I am not completely what you witness? Would it still be if I’m always loath and a fucking mess? I’ve claws and vampire teeth. My soul sprouts on venom. My tongue is a blood-sucking leech. I laugh because everyone does. I cry because I laughed like... Continue Reading →


  It’s heavy in my head. I’m a repertoire of ancient, rusty, abandoned, sharp, toxic, metallic junk, floating upon the liquid of my punctured dreams. narcotic, chaotic is the wind here that blows right through me. you wouldn’t bear a sight of this world – I carry inside – if you perceive through my eyes.... Continue Reading →

Writer. Fighter.

On a bench in the corner, Lost in the crowd. Adamant to be apart. Convincing self to be an art, And the artist. Twisted wrist, and a split heart. Learning chords on broken guitar back home. No phone calls. No messages. No one’s out there thinking about this lost drone. Vibrating on the verve of... Continue Reading →

Rising from the Ashes

I have been there, in deepest of the hell. I have been through that When you have so much to say, But nobody to tell. I’ve crawled on burning charcoal. Had everyone around, But no one really to hold. I’ve breathed in awful places, The austere bedrooms and cold embraces, I’ve been in love with... Continue Reading →

Like you mean it

‘Say something nice to me,’ Neal said to Marisa. ‘What,’ she laughed and mumbled in her sleepy voice, ‘at 3 a.m. you want me to say something nice, huh?’ ‘Yes,’ ‘Okay,’ she thought. ‘You are a nice person… not the kind of I thought I would like, but you turned out to be better from... Continue Reading →

Promotion run for Reverberating Pang

Hello, Friends I’m excited to announce that the new version of my poetry book “Reverberating Pang” is now live and available in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Kindle.For those who have Kindle access can download or read it for free from 16th to 20th November 2015. Also it will continue to be available... Continue Reading →

Become Who? (New Title)

Legs, Covered in linen – The color of moonlit sky, Miss the usual leather boots, Toes hurt, but comforted of marble floor – Cold and white, And the room is, as lit As only for the eyes Those lived in dark too long; Walls: pulled by cigarettes reek, Windows: sealed in thin cotton warriors, Prohibiting... Continue Reading →

3 Poetweets

(i) soon i watch, as i slide another marble, from the throat of the bottle of scotch: we emptied together, soon it'll be choked on betrayal, like me. (ii) typically a butterfly delicate, elegant, colorful, you were a butterfly, i could never get over from, and you tasted from your feet too, Ah you were... Continue Reading →


Loved the crumble, When we pressed bodies, On fallen autumn leaves, Poor they, For they couldn’t know, How breaking up extracted pleasure, We were human, Glad, we were, So human, Killing the poise Was the favorite part of the day, You were so adorable, Getting inside, Breaking me up, Ah so blunt and dear, We... Continue Reading →


I’m old, I’m the youth, I’m a white lie and complete truth, I’m trouble – inevitable, I’m the resolve, around which I revolve, I’m epicenter and the circumference, I’m the beginning, I’m the end, I’m a star, In a deep outer space, I’m blamed for indifference, I heat exoplanets, I’m camouflaged and I’m bare, I’m... Continue Reading →


Old breeze, Dipped in fresh December, Talks in rattles, At your window pane; The cold breeze, Says what we don’t comprehend, Oh, she feels warm in ears, Whistling: ‘I bring the change;’ She’s eager to detach; She has power to mend; Remember, How you wish to start, starts with.. How you want to end.


His hands are way too big Like chimpanzees When you walk beside him You seem his detainee He holds your face You struggle to breathe I’m afraid: a little jolt Can get you beheaded You’re a tiny frail bird So light-weighted Do you wanna die In his small-heart-cage I’m sure it ain’t that big Not... Continue Reading →


Wet his fingers Walk on her lips Making them wet even more Dry they reach at her eyes Wipe the moisture They should glitter He makes sure Caressing her ears And her neck He assures That her hair falls Little over her breasts He touches them around Rubbing for a glow And grunts Saturating his... Continue Reading →


Red ribbon Around my neck Oh, my love, you got me tethered I’m spending my life in circles Wriggling, dropping feathers Wet my sleeves I wring: Why my love you don’t see I’m all soaked in love Plethora of it I weep. Then she speaks: "What's in the depth? In the place The secrets are... Continue Reading →


Did you ever see the talking fish Or eyes for that matter – Talking the matter of hearts? I did. She had the most beautiful pair of those Like the fish Since they could not see, they talked So much that lips can’t And her lips didn’t However I think they can But apparently Not... Continue Reading →


That day On my sprint to somewhere far (My head kept banging with: ..I’m leaving something with you Something very precious Even if I wish I can not take it away I know, it is going with me as well In every corner of my living and soon-to-be-dead cells Might even be in a better... Continue Reading →

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