I inherit deadness from dead dreams. My soul was tormented. I am a mannequin stocked with blood and bones. My reality is shaped by thunders. I don’t laugh on same joke twice. I don’t feel same pain again. My life, just like yours, had abundance. I’m a man made of blunders. I sink in the... Continue Reading →


The One

She was a ‘no compromise’ girl, Like a glittering broken pearl on an oceanic skirt, Her laughter was the clink of glasses, And her cries were the melody of a dream’s dirt, The-will-o’-the-wisp were her courage and fear, Her dreams were intertwined in her hair, She was in quest to hunt down the stars, But... Continue Reading →


A reckless run, A confession, A life aching to be stung, A comet carried ammunition, To explode and resurface long lost potion, The squirming earth, Needing rebirth, Anticipation unexpectedly twirled, Jaw jammed, Body ached, Pride leaked down the spinal chord, An astral force got him caught, His nerves and senses mutely tied, Magma tears drizzled... Continue Reading →

supernova, i needed.

detonated she, as if catapulted, aimed in my eyes, broke the dreams, i kept, preserved. detonated i, as if ignited, like supernova, found the fire, i knew not, but needed. Want me to read your post? Click here and leave a link for me. Image by: RobynPhotography


I wanted to spend afternoon with stars, Wanted to ride bicycle with them when they had gone so far, Thousands of rainbows in the night sky, Skate on them above everyone’s head, up so high, A playground on clouds floating in the air, Few fairies as my friend meeting me everyday there, But then I... Continue Reading →

Caravan of Dreams

Walking away, Taking caravan of your dreams, What am I leaving behind? Have no idea, which way to go? ... Damn! The night is dark again, Chest is filled with pain, Speechless are complaints, Silence creeping in,  ... Because of you, Ever existed my everything, Since you’ve gone, Nothing remained, Whom to share anxiety? Whom... Continue Reading →

Fairy in my dreams

A fairy comes in my dreams, Every night I sleep, She loves me, Cares for me, Listens to my poetry, With her wings she covers, I cry, she kisses my tears, Soothes when my heart trembles,  It is you, who she resembles, I miss you and whenever I do, A fairy comes, Who looks like... Continue Reading →

Before you Die!

Your eyes flicker on her sight, Going away never seems right, As she comes near your heart jumps, Words don’t come out, you get the lumps, ` You don’t say a word, ‘coz you fear, She’ll deny and you’ll lose her, Wake up until it gets too late, Before anyone else takes the grip, `... Continue Reading →

Time Warp

You may not be mine in this time May the time won’t come ever in this life I may not reach deep enough inside in your heart You may never fall for me May never come true my fantasies But I am not going to give up never ever I know how to make you... Continue Reading →

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