But you said you won’t go

I find myself standing on the way alone,You were walking with me a moment back,Wondering where have you gone,Trying to overcome finding a reason appropriate,Ruined is the world we were about to create, What am I supposed to do, what should I show, I am sad because you left and because you said you won’t... Continue Reading →


Define Death

My heart is a collection of broken pieces, Skillfully designed to malfunction, Its hiccups and goose-bumps Get my expiration a little closer, And the vibrations shake my life a little farther from me; I am dying a slow, painful death, Waiting for a glimpse of your face, And I know it’ll be more painful, if... Continue Reading →


A sunny bright morning, The wind is hot, Delicate flowers chiefly tuck themselves, Inside the leafy green umbrellas, And those who do not have this luxury, Are burnt already; Stealing a glance, I pass ahead feeling pity for the ones, Who are still up for a fight, With their tiny mildly-venomous thorns, Eager to slit... Continue Reading →

Bunch of everything

Few dreams on your eyelids, Sense of being around always, Few happy memories, Few words unsaid, I’ll leave, When I’ll go away from you, I’ll leave my dreams, my breaths with you, Few unfinished paintings, Bunch of incomplete poems, Few unkissed kisses, Couple of secret grudges I’ll leave, When I’ll go away from you, I'll... Continue Reading →

When I’m gone

 When you feel that I left you, In this world all alone, Curse me baby, As much as you want,  ~ When you feel that I am gone, And you’re there on your own, Baby please don’t cry, Put this record on,  ~ And play the song, That I wrote for you,  ~ Ummmm, As... Continue Reading →

I am not angry anymore!

Come on, Let me hold you, Let me kiss your tears, Don’t be disheartened, I am not angry anymore, Let’s play once again, Let’s forget the days already gone, Hear I say, I am not angry anymore, Let them see, We can stay happy, without them, Those who have gone, Broke our hearts, left alone,... Continue Reading →


Dried eyes gaze at the emptiness blank, Her heart craves for love but being sank, For the known desire of that gentle touch, And she knows it has already been enough, Every season they saw holding hands, Throughout their lives they remained best friends, Every secret they shared making their life a beautiful art Now... Continue Reading →

Let me go

Don’t hold, Let it go, I am not around... anymore, My time, Has been over, Baby, I’m not... coming home, My fingers will not run through your hair, Arms won’t be there to care, You’ll have to live without me, I won’t hold your hands on the shore, Don’t cry, It won’t help, You’ll have... Continue Reading →

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