But you said you won’t go

I find myself standing on the way alone,You were walking with me a moment back,Wondering where have you gone,Trying to overcome finding a reason appropriate,Ruined is the world we were about to create, What am I supposed to do, what should I show, I am sad because you left and because you said you won’t... Continue Reading →



Drop your tears upon my soul Sneak in from where you find the hole Love that resided once in here Turned into dry ash mixing in air It needs some water of your eyes Drip it and a little reprise. Collect its remains in a bowl Treat it well with love pest control Love that... Continue Reading →


Like a water droplet life's hanging in me Shake me a little so I can rest in peace Desire to live and ability to dream Take it away, like you took everything Dried veins, face grown in texture pale Perplexed my coffin’s waiting for its last nail Cut the rope now I’m tired of hanging... Continue Reading →

One of you!

What’s wrong with me? Why am I counting my days? What is that ticking in my head? What’s eating me? Why I’m not feeling alive? Is it that I’m already dead? ~ What’s happened to me? Why I’m still crying? Why my poems are reading sad? Whom I’m fighting for? Why I’m still trying? Whose... Continue Reading →


Is it a feeling of nails being pulled out? Or drowning in water yet thirsty to death? Does it feel like a fire twister burning the soul? Or lying naked in a deep freezer, Is it being locked inside a dark room... head covered in a bag full of terrified rats? Or a blunt razor... Continue Reading →

Haunted Night

It’s dark in and out, Candle doesn’t produce enough light, I am sweating, bed is shaking, A dead body beside me lies, Through the window someone is peeping inside,   I get under the shawl, As the dogs howl, I close my ears, Don’t want to hear the ugly owl,   Terror heaps in me,... Continue Reading →

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