Pleasure and Pain

Stepping out from bathroom after a hot shower, she asks widening her brown eyes at me “why does your writing have always a hint of sadness?” as she makes a half-hearted attempt to cover her naked body in bathrobe. “Why is it struggle and pain that seeps out even when we are happy?” Her impromptu… Continue reading Pleasure and Pain


I wake up from a nightmare with a violent pounding as if my heart swelled and consumed the hollow of my insides, beating everywhere all at once. My body pounds in a rhythm and I feel delicate like an egg that’s about to crack. I sit up cautiously so I don’t interrupt the mechanics of… Continue reading Creamy


Outside my living room’s wall-size window, there is a flock of pigeons, gathered on a telephone wire. They are cooing in broken chorus, like an endless chattering of immature, careless teenagers about their Instagram profiles. There is no pattern, no synchronization. Every pigeon has its own song, its own rhythm. I’m no expert but I… Continue reading Loner

Writer. Fighter.

On a bench in the corner, Lost in the crowd. Adamant to be apart. Convincing self to be an art, And the artist. Twisted wrist, and a split heart. Learning chords on broken guitar back home. No phone calls. No messages. No one’s out there thinking about this lost drone. Vibrating on the verve of… Continue reading Writer. Fighter.

She won’t go wrong

Confined in impassable space, Her life’s a set of crossing lines. With every pause at each wrong place, She’s cramping to the sidelines. Teardrops gash her beautiful face. She’s a dying, innocuous song. Wild implosions beneath her case, But she keeps on keeping strong. Insisting her efforts in assuaging demons, Her days remain irrevocably consistent.… Continue reading She won’t go wrong

Kiss at sight

Strings clamped to the clouds above my head, Attached to the corners of my psyche, I’m viciously infatuated with your body scent, I’m craving to cuddle on your lap Like a stray, needy baby elephant; You’ve got all your pieces at right places, Emerging in an enigmatic prophecy, It’s a pull I cannot avoid dragging… Continue reading Kiss at sight