Recent Awards and Recommended Blogs

~ I am so glad to have received these many awards from some of the most beautiful bloggers. I'm overjoyed to flaunt these around with delight. Thank you friends for putting glitter into my eyes and springs in my shoes 🙂  ~ Here are their wonderful blogs, I recommend you to dive into to experience their... Continue Reading →


Love in Office – The dream

I see an office like environment but in front of my real life home where I used to play cricket in childhood. 5-6 people are sitting near the highway. The workstations are made of wooden plates put on bricks. Computers are placed on the wooden surface and I was working on my laptop. Emma was... Continue Reading →

Truth about blogging…. the ugly one!

People visiting your blog, commenting or liking it aren’t necessarily concerned about your creativity, sometimes they don't even read or see it, they actually want to encash your audience and wants people going through your blog be their audience. I know this is going to raise the eyebrows of some people but that is supposed... Continue Reading →

Walking through the rainy days, Keeping up his courage, Soaked in misfortunate water, Rubbing on the anger mud, Holding sand, Seeking friends, Keeping on the burning flame, Seeing pals turning fake, Every relation on a stake, Shouting on, Bursting out, He won’t give up, He won’t give out, Perhaps growing rivals, But necessary for the... Continue Reading →

Opps, it was another encounter, One of the freezing evenings, Of that shivering winter, I was inside my room, Drinking with a friend, Didn’t know what was happening outside, I was totally unaware,   I had to go outside, To get some cigarettes, India was battling against South Africa in 2nd ODI of cricket, Idiot... Continue Reading →

Together Forever

~ It’s just the time driving us crazy, This is only why things are messy, Soon it will change, Will fall back the happy days, Until then, Understand a little more, Cooperate little further, Soon we’ll be back together, Because that is what we are meant to be - Together forever, ~  I know I’m... Continue Reading →

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