But you said you won’t go

I find myself standing on the way alone,You were walking with me a moment back,Wondering where have you gone,Trying to overcome finding a reason appropriate,Ruined is the world we were about to create, What am I supposed to do, what should I show, I am sad because you left and because you said you won’t... Continue Reading →

Song of life

Creaking sound his bones make, Pushing him to think that he can’t take, Anymore of this boredom, Recollects the wreckage of his memoir, Picks up his guitar, That’s covered in dust, Rested for years in the closet eating rust, Tuning up a melody, Hopelessly.. For the song of life…


Dear All, As some of you might already know that I use to write the duets at times. I believe that the duets play an important role to get us learn from each other, it also helps us to get out from the writer’s block when we feel tangled inside our brains, and even adopt... Continue Reading →

Like you mean it

‘Say something nice to me,’ Neal said to Marisa. ‘What,’ she laughed and mumbled in her sleepy voice, ‘at 3 a.m. you want me to say something nice, huh?’ ‘Yes,’ ‘Okay,’ she thought. ‘You are a nice person… not the kind of I thought I would like, but you turned out to be better from... Continue Reading →

Oilpainting Blur

Hey, Guys

I know i’m still working to complete the second draft, but I thought I might share this and get your feedback. By the way, this is my first post at “nekneeraj”.

Thank you for all the support. Cheers!


Gautam opened his eyes with his hands on his stiffened, clogged chest. He knew his lungs had enough tar, but there was something else too that gripped his molecules. It was loneliness. Although he hated waking up like this, it had been the only feeling that never left.

His eyes hurt as they do after a long day out in heat and dust. But now the pain was simulated by a nightmare. He weakly shifted in bed and lay on his stomach, feeling the weight in his skull slowly shifting toward gravity. His face pressed on the mattress.

In the dream, it was his parent’s house. He felt in the vibes that Subha was around. That was what made him catapulted from his room in the long corridor he never knew existed. There were many rooms at both sides.

The walls felt supple; the floor felt supple; and everything around…

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Become Who? (New Title)

Legs, Covered in linen – The color of moonlit sky, Miss the usual leather boots, Toes hurt, but comforted of marble floor – Cold and white, And the room is, as lit As only for the eyes Those lived in dark too long; Walls: pulled by cigarettes reek, Windows: sealed in thin cotton warriors, Prohibiting... Continue Reading →


I miss the straight walls, The familiar enclosure, That encapsulated me For the longest time, The sound of wood, My fingers clicked upon, To switch my mental stiffness; Tap. Tap. Tap. Everything From anxiety to fear to depression, To suspense to horror to seclusion I could control by my fingertips, All I needed to do... Continue Reading →


I’m old, I’m the youth, I’m a white lie and complete truth, I’m trouble – inevitable, I’m the resolve, around which I revolve, I’m epicenter and the circumference, I’m the beginning, I’m the end, I’m a star, In a deep outer space, I’m blamed for indifference, I heat exoplanets, I’m camouflaged and I’m bare, I’m... Continue Reading →


A queen of ‘twisted endings’ as if she always wanted to run away from love Way before I could believe its beginning Suspected that she already had enough a promise to take it to the finish was meant to live every aspect of it Falling in love with her could've been a pleasure but already... Continue Reading →


then thou emerge, perturbing the tranquil mist, an animal thyself, more like a swine on horse. thy face, an operatic pamphlet, and the pitch so baritone. filthy living leather, fidget within thy mouth, dribble the liquid, spread the stench. thou, a blackguard slit with axe, even the poor adherent who, can’t help but cleave smelling... Continue Reading →


Sitting at the turf of my precipice, I see the grievance, in the faces of the eels, and I try to eat them raw, as if they are waxen desserts. We moved out of our kitchen, a long back. Ah, the Correction: She kicked us out, from where all the spices and smiles used to... Continue Reading →


Burnish me black If I drivel to the fountain Life’s a performance, I can’t limp Remind me patience if I carp Vulnerability - such a shame, Stare me red Stare me blue But I can discern: Ancestors told us very few There’s no letter coming my way Sciamachy is an act of caitiff Like trusting... Continue Reading →


Retired and tired for any physical activity bored and stored lots of wax in his ears, Swinging and singing the song of good old days in his thoughts he runs wild, yet rocking chair is where he stays. Geek and weak lacking immunity tweaking ears, keeping eyes on kids his sole responsibility Round and round... Continue Reading →

100 Meters

Lined up on a track, In a tracksuit, Weak and cracked, Cracked dreams on shoulder, Determined to make it bolder, Aligned to make it straight, Straight to the podium, And that too without sodium, Old guilt makes him frustrate, When he was terminated, by sodium bicarbonate, So he’s cleaned it all, No, this time he... Continue Reading →


This is how it started A day I was out on routine On my way to the things of no matter Stumbling, uninterested Pushed by the gush of mean Obligations towards … eh whatever, Obeying shadows Feeling my feet off ground Encapsulating apathy looking all around Yawning, disintegrating Hushed by the lips of exhaustion To... Continue Reading →


They conspiredHer thighs and her hot liquidballoons in cahootsagainst me, I invited herto play onmy chest; She made my chesta trampoline,She held my Liquid – Dagger, dried it all up and got meexhausted tillsuch extent that I couldn’tprotect my fragile hourglass,My fragile hourglass betrayedmy hands, slipped intothe ruins, malfunctioned the timeforever.Got stuck it now keeps... Continue Reading →


My veins feel like stringsStretched and clamped at thresholdDown under Its feet,Hung up I’m the treatNever had seen a thing like this before,I must but I can’t attempt to runWith my body wide open, I learnThat my veins can also produce The sound of a Violin Except of just transporting blood,I smell mephitic; I’m staticI... Continue Reading →

Corner of Earth

So far From    The tugs of war Unheard sentiments, intended scars Counting on those shooting stars A world of cages in the massive jar So far From    The ugly faces wearing char Around the clock, 24 hours Beating drums and loud guitars I dream of a place and there you are So pure... Continue Reading →

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