She’d studied art. But she hated the writer who wrote the protagonist she loved. She claimed to understand art. But she whined when life dipped that gave her much needed thrust. She herself could be an art. But she was too busy correcting her flaws that made her exclusive. She who was destined to be... Continue Reading →


Fine art

Your hair looks like clouds from heaven Your eyes are two deep blue oceans Your face beats the fallen angels’ Your teeth are the precious diamonds Your lips, Ummm damn so enticing Your nose completes the cake with icing As long as I go describing I know I won’t justify a thing, But Baby, if... Continue Reading →

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Pretend To Smile

This is what the inside of my head looks like


Etudes in Writing


Respect the views of world and the world will respect you.

Inner Focus

i paint with light; but i also paint pictures with words...

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Learn and share photography in everyday life with photo-focused mom

A Choice Away

Through the maze you find yourself

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Fiction, and other made-up stories

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