Pretty Soon

Take you high with me in broken bits. Soaring on altitude as my sanity splits. I drag you out from my mouth like swallowed thread. Spit you out of the window where the clouds spread. Damned this idea could never be defined. And I didn't know you'll be gone in no time. But I'll rise… Continue reading Pretty Soon


Why I say what I say: Maybe, I mean exactly what I say. Or maybe not. Maybe, I don't want you to know what I don't say. Or maybe, I want you to figure out that there are few unsaid things. Maybe, I'm trying to manipulate you. Maybe, I want you to unnecessarily think about… Continue reading Context


A disputed queen of destruction*  as if she were secretly mating with the hounds. Her eyes penetrated shadows. Her soul was vantablack abound. She chewed her buccal, shunned the appalling swines. Often she suffered but eventually turned out fine. Daunting damsel, she had a lot to offer other than howl, hunt, hurt or hiss. Haunted… Continue reading UNFINISHED – V


Holding vigor amid infinite emotional turbulences. Stupid, she continues to smile; won’t let bypass any chances. Peculiar beast; damn particular about who to please. Not everyone deserves to listen to her awe-inspiring heartbeat. A queen of dirty thoughts and truly amazing brain. A tad-crazy dreamcatcher, capable to make anyone insane. Wrapped in her wings, ready… Continue reading HAPPEN