Song of life

Creaking sound his bones make, Pushing him to think that he can’t take, Anymore of this boredom, Recollects the wreckage of his memoir, Picks up his guitar, That’s covered in dust, Rested for years in the closet eating rust, Tuning up a melody, Hopelessly.. For the song of life…



A queen of ‘twisted endings’ as if she always wanted to run away from love Way before I could believe its beginning Suspected that she already had enough a promise to take it to the finish was meant to live every aspect of it Falling in love with her could've been a pleasure but already... Continue Reading →


This is just SeptemberThe weather is not as cold as it'll be in the wintersBut the heat inside me isGetting replaced with the fear of the chillsThat will certainly cut meFrom corner to corner, this year                           By the cold sheets       ... Continue Reading →


Something I meant. Something else she heard. Written words had no modulation Changed shape. Got altered. Victimized us by a situation so weird now striking a conversation feels awkward. Walking valiant we carelessly hoped to meet on a crossroad Ignorant we got defeated in an easy crossword One day determined to leap ahead now forced... Continue Reading →


Someone’s searching you from the land below hoping to find anything to feed the hunger for information. Holding the head high in determination to shrink the uncountable distance traveled by vision. A negligible creature from one of infinite objects Is curious to know How and why there are emotions running with blood.


One day when love will turn into a thick clot inside your heart. You’ll cry all your tears out regretting, why you never shared it. trust me It would still not be that late.

Free birds

If we were birds free from all rules and restrictions made by society, everyday we would meet at our favorite tree branch, would brush our beaks without caring, would fly together all day over everyone’s head and they would admire seeing us loving each other. Because we are beautiful together. but alas we are humans... Continue Reading →

Crazy Dude

Stupid looking dude with a hole in his head full of crazy stuffing drives you insane, this lazy lad Sweet and spicy Whatever you may ask brings water into mouth and eyes always a pleasant surprise.


Leave everything behind - real or unreal, pillow my arms every night, Do not recall the dreams that you don’t remember just close your eyes. Spread your light in every corner become the eternal spark of my eyes – You. in response to Chatty Owl's You.

Leaking love

She thought she would get her fringes repaired (but) if only a small part was spared from being damaged she cheerfully let the silver color thicken on her heart assuming it’ll keep the rust apart for ages impact was intense damage is immense silver color is gone a hole remains Her heart broke apart, leaking... Continue Reading →

It’s raining

Soaking in rain as if she’s got no worries and no pain water is sliding down on her skin through the tiny spaces of her clothes sneaking within I’m jealous of raindrops, thinking to all her places unseen they have already been holding myself in umbrella I’m struggling hard to keep myself dry.


Hoping to defrost the ice of her soulHe blew hot air in her mouthended up catching cold...waiting to be defrosted.

Love, Cigarettes, Dandruff, Tar

Cigarettes are my companion, now Sadly love is mere an opinion When you, my muse Sulked and slipped away You said love was a disease, then It remained no reason to please And started falling off my heart Like dandruff from head I use all different memories, to Wash away this dandruff entirely Does it... Continue Reading →

Poem over Death

He wanted to pop pills to kill his will to live no more but he kissed her lips ‘on paper’ of his nonexistent muse and he lived because he chose pen over pill and poem over death.

Twist in Tale

Bitter taste in his mouth In agony he shouts What comes out Is the sound “turr turr” Thousands of princesses Have kissed him In search of their prince He’s seen repeatedly The very sequence utter He’s waiting To be kissed By a Queen Who is made just for him To turn him into a King

Bunch of everything

Few dreams on your eyelids, Sense of being around always, Few happy memories, Few words unsaid, I’ll leave, When I’ll go away from you, I’ll leave my dreams, my breaths with you, Few unfinished paintings, Bunch of incomplete poems, Few unkissed kisses, Couple of secret grudges I’ll leave, When I’ll go away from you, I'll... Continue Reading →


Don’t you worry, Don’t be afraid to anyone, Walk fearlessly, If troubles you the stare of any inhumane, Shout out, ask for help, There is Mard* with you, You’re safe from every trouble. -- * Mard = A real man = Men against rape and discrimination


He’s a porn star, Dancing, stripping off everything, Not clothes but emotions, Shedding every layer off him, His words lie naked on a piece of paper, Stay there forever, He exposes everything, ~ He’s a slut because – Men don’t expose emotions, But he does.


Is it a feeling of nails being pulled out? Or drowning in water yet thirsty to death? Does it feel like a fire twister burning the soul? Or lying naked in a deep freezer, Is it being locked inside a dark room... head covered in a bag full of terrified rats? Or a blunt razor... Continue Reading →

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