Why I say what I say: Maybe, I mean exactly what I say. Or maybe not. Maybe, I don't want you to know what I don't say. Or maybe, I want you to figure out that there are few unsaid things. Maybe, I'm trying to manipulate you. Maybe, I want you to unnecessarily think about… Continue reading Context


PROLOGUE We (Humans) aren’t supposed to be here on this planet. We are not physically as strong as other animals; we do not have claws, wings, strong jaws, big shoulders, enormous strength or speed. We do not have a match to any other animal’s attributes that they developed through evolution. We are the only species… Continue reading SCIENTIFIC PURPOSE OF HUMAN RACE

Train of life

Every time when I travel in a train and peep outside from its window to see the trees running backward, I somehow connect it with relationships. Did you ever notice when train (it can be any moving vehicle) runs, the nearby trees seem to move backward so quickly while the trees which are at some… Continue reading Train of life

Till the last breath

I always become so restless whenever my mind drags me towards the thoughts of the time when I am old, old enough to be retired from job, old enough to not to be able to flirt anymore, old enough when I and my wife stops feeling the need of sex, old enough when kids become… Continue reading Till the last breath

Stupid People

Today, I am trying something different that I have not written about before, other than my boring repetitive poetry, way too lengthy so-called songs or another chapter of my in-process book (Which even I’m not sure to complete). Please bear if you can’t digest it, feel free to walk out anytime. But please do not… Continue reading Stupid People

Where are we heading?

I often get stuck with this question when I think as to why people give more importance to desperate wannabes, who announces to go nude if cricket team wins the world cup. People seem to join the anti-corruption movement just because it’ll be their family outing. When a superstar takes the lead to ask the… Continue reading Where are we heading?

First Last Thing

Recently I read an article “The Zen of First Times” written by Veeh. While going through every word of it I literally went through the feelings and emotions of my firsts. In every ones lives their firsts are always very important and their memories always stuck around. We always be glad to remember the time… Continue reading First Last Thing

Truth about blogging…. the ugly one!

People visiting your blog, commenting or liking it aren’t necessarily concerned about your creativity, sometimes they don't even read or see it, they actually want to encash your audience and wants people going through your blog be their audience. I know this is going to raise the eyebrows of some people but that is supposed… Continue reading Truth about blogging…. the ugly one!

Selective Tears

Around 8 years back, one given day of summers, I was getting ready for Maths tuition when I get a call from my younger cousin brother. He called me to let know the death of his father, who, for a long time, was suffering from cancer. It was not a surprise because he was in… Continue reading Selective Tears

A letter to the Extra Terrestrials

Dear Aliens,  This letter is on behalf of humans from the planet Earth. Please do not feel bad when we call you Alien. In our world ‘Alien’ means something or someone which is unknown and not part of our world. In a similar way, we are also Aliens for you. I am not sure if… Continue reading A letter to the Extra Terrestrials