Sinking Lantern

She was a pretty poetry, Stung with venomous verses. Her eyes were smoking fire. Her heart was weaved in tornado. She knew not how to disperse it. She didn’t have to. Her hope was a sinking lantern. Her soul was inking silver. She floated through despair Where lows and highs were a constant truth. She... Continue Reading →


Begin Again

Show me that smile again That’s known to rejuvenate. Show me that passion That resurrects the surge of love. Show me the hunch of warm kisses. We have much more than these crazy indifferences. Tell me that new hymn That you love to hum these days. Tell me that secret That makes your eyes ablaze.... Continue Reading →

Writer. Fighter.

On a bench in the corner, Lost in the crowd. Adamant to be apart. Convincing self to be an art, And the artist. Twisted wrist, and a split heart. Learning chords on broken guitar back home. No phone calls. No messages. No one’s out there thinking about this lost drone. Vibrating on the verve of... Continue Reading →

Faith and the fall

She would often tie me up, in my hands, my legs, my lips. For her I was a toy, a ball. She would throw me up in air, and catch me as I fall. It was scary and a lot fun too, like jumping off a sinking ship. It didn’t matter at all if I... Continue Reading →

On your tongue

Ground, Right under my feet is shaking. My mind loves to babble too much; Stumped it’s now, Its time it’s taking. I know my face, what does it say. I’m trying but I’m not good at faking. So eventually You would know that my dreams are in the making, and then you would try but... Continue Reading →

Tonight, I’m bleeding white

Tonight, I’m gonna be home alone, They say it’ll rain tonight, So I’ll be… probably on, Some nights are so magical with empty rooms and sad old songs, although you can’t be around, if there’s a chance, Can I borrow your lips on my chest tonight? Ache in my psyche, Holes in my heart are... Continue Reading →

Take you home

If the clouds are heavy on you, If the wind is wildly blue, If all the people make you invisible, And you feel lovelorn, Tumble in my arms, I’ll take you home, If the sobs are on a longer stay, If smiles constantly betray, Days are dark and nights so gray, And you feel lovelorn,... Continue Reading →


We glow, like marbles Crunch and glisten, in the palms Of a magician, Hallucination, Comes with a circumference, We get none although, We’re floating balloons, Flying from earth reaching moon, Our lone ambition, Is to elevate in love, We are magic on our own, We glitter golden, In each other’s eyes so bright, More than... Continue Reading →


Oh, The tree branches hang a little wider, A Little lower, The sky above has same color, All same stars and constellations, Perhaps; Ten o’clock, The bridge squeaks in some distance, Following a siren to split, While moon remains predictable as ever, Beaming as, is in love this time, Like her eyes, When she paused... Continue Reading →


I’m old, I’m the youth, I’m a white lie and complete truth, I’m trouble – inevitable, I’m the resolve, around which I revolve, I’m epicenter and the circumference, I’m the beginning, I’m the end, I’m a star, In a deep outer space, I’m blamed for indifference, I heat exoplanets, I’m camouflaged and I’m bare, I’m... Continue Reading →


Tender words start to itch, The same those got me you, What I’m doing wrong, I swear I sight no clue, Did we lose the magic, Or I’m overdoing it, Tell me what’s broken, Tell me a bit. Do you wanna walk back? Swifter than you came, But love aint the sandcastle, That will quickly... Continue Reading →


His hands are way too big Like chimpanzees When you walk beside him You seem his detainee He holds your face You struggle to breathe I’m afraid: a little jolt Can get you beheaded You’re a tiny frail bird So light-weighted Do you wanna die In his small-heart-cage I’m sure it ain’t that big Not... Continue Reading →


How long The road between us can stretch? How far My sweetheart can you go? Charcoal has its limit on elasticity Nothing can expand beyond its limit This much physics I know, But how do I cross this stretch Without the bridges of your eyes There are things beyond physics In this world too, When... Continue Reading →

100 Meters

Lined up on a track, In a tracksuit, Weak and cracked, Cracked dreams on shoulder, Determined to make it bolder, Aligned to make it straight, Straight to the podium, And that too without sodium, Old guilt makes him frustrate, When he was terminated, by sodium bicarbonate, So he’s cleaned it all, No, this time he... Continue Reading →


My veins feel like stringsStretched and clamped at thresholdDown under Its feet,Hung up I’m the treatNever had seen a thing like this before,I must but I can’t attempt to runWith my body wide open, I learnThat my veins can also produce The sound of a Violin Except of just transporting blood,I smell mephitic; I’m staticI... Continue Reading →


I was forty, he was six We made tanks from cigarette boxesA tube of silver paper rolled with matchsticksTheir tips put opposite worked as bulletsBang bangFired up in the middle it shot bang bangMy battalion drooled down, bang bangHis eyes twinkled like the big bangMy baby taught me what was livingHe was forty, I was... Continue Reading →


I walked backwardsI did the headstandI mimicked, I juggledAnd the private danceTo make it interestingI tried to understandYour deliberate nonsenseI ate and swallowed up my offenseAnd wriggled on your palmTo keep it workingI did what I couldBut I can’tI can’t be the only wheel of the bicycleI can climb the mountain on one leg thoughBut... Continue Reading →


Inch on inch I swellClinging on her spellBack in mind I pinchStretch between us shrinksI can leash my horse I learntI can tame the thrust and gruntI can be sluggish, I can be bluntI'm the predatorOh no, I’m the hunt.Miss and hit we proceedLet our demons all be freedSo cold-blooded we don’t bleedTwo of us... Continue Reading →


He had it plannedDevoted all his heart and his mindHe heard that“Shoot for the moon…” sayingLike everyone else didAnd he thought he would getAt least something out of itHe’ll land among the starsEven if he missedGuess what?!He missed it.The target, The Moon, The StarsButThere was something for himBigger than his wish to consoleHe found the... Continue Reading →

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