This is a book of emotions, oscillating around pangs of a human heart, emerging on losing a loved one. Each poem of this collection has a shade of heartache. Some contain modesty blended in sadness and longing, while some hold hopelessness and patience together. At certain point, it’s an expression of stubbornness and determination to change celestial pattern; where at the other, simply the feeling of isolation, longing, grumbling, and melancholy.

This book showcases a beautiful spectrum of emotions a person goes through, when he or she loses a loved one. This is a collection of 53 poems garnished with 7 micro-poems.

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together-never-frontTOGETHER NEVER

Sitting on piles of buried passions, Neal’s life has been mostly misunderstood and unloved. He wants a meaningful life, unlike the regular office-job, that can elevate him from unnamed faces. But cobwebbed in mediocre routine, there is clearly a no-way out.
Right when his life keeps slipping away, he meets Marisa. She is one of his kind – kind and sensitive, the one he has always been waiting for. And despite she is in a long, committed relationship, they discover an unparalleled understanding; they fall in love. But Marisa has a life beyond him, which is a reality etched on stones.

Fighting his flawed fortune, does Neal succeed in his quest? Can he change the pattern of stars and be with his One and Only?

Or will they stay Together Never?

Link to purchaseTogether Never on Amazon


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  1. Kudos on the Print version of ‘ink and paper’ of your beautiful book. Nothing beats the beauty like reading a good paper book. Once again Congratulations for your book, let many more roll out from your ‘Creative Tank’. Sagarika

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