Be My Guest

I’m eager to read something that’s inspiring, that fills my heart with excitement, and tickles my concealed feelings to emerge and stir on the surface. I’m inclined toward human emotions (as this blog is all about), and of course a good content. But you know, it’s tough to grasp and filter the waves of posts on WP at times. There are many wonderful stories (past or current) that I miss by few inches, and I really hate that.

If you think that you have a story (a poem, prose, quote or a photograph), based on various shades of human emotions that I must read or see, that’ll excite me and satisfy my appetite, I request and welcome you to leave a link on this page in the comment box. I would love to live it. And if it’s exciting, I’ll be delighted to publish it as a guest post on this blog. 

Help me reach your incredible story. I’m hungry for it.


6 thoughts on “Be My Guest”

  1. Very moving writing. I think there’s a bigger novel waiting to emerge at some point.
    And thank you for taking the time to drop by and read some of my own work.
    All the best.
    John Ormsby

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