Full Circle

Life has come to a full circle in this city of dreams. A year, gone in a moment, feels like a lifetime. Trapped in shackles of routine, I often rebel for the memories I’d made and cherish which I couldn’t in time. Isn’t it funny we all act often too late? Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow isn’t here. But we are scattered almost everywhere.

This train of my thoughts covers the distance of a thousand mile between us almost every day. As the wind ruffles through your hair, I sit beside on that bench where you sip your tea at 3’, and hope you raise your head, watch the moon drifting through monsoon clouds and break into a smile with a heave of sigh.

It’s raining again. It rains here a lot when it rains. And finally, after a year, I’ve started to understand the volatility of this city. Don’t we always find a way to settle with things we cannot control?

Uncanny, but this city reminds me of you and all the possibilities we could have but I shun off these dangerous thoughts right when they start to shoot; not everything should we make peace with. I know we are both different persons now but this combat between us has to continue.

– Errfanseye

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