The Idea Of You – IV

The idea to loop you in my head like Pythagoras’ theorem I never forget.
Sting you with constant sarcasm because that’s what you get.
Invite you to sleep-over and roll you in the sheets so you cannot move.
Push you to the edge, make you topple from bed because I’m really mad.

Watch you scream while you crash on pillow-covered floor.
Let our poodle lick your face while I giggle from the door.
That’s how I take my revenge when the time is due.
That’s my idea of you.

The idea to kidnap you so you miss your important meeting.
Next morning when you wake-up, you find yourself in Beijing.
Make you put on the spider-man boxers in the hotel room.
Then steal your pants in the lift and make you run behind screaming.

Read you the comments on your viral video when people loved your booty.
It’ll do much better than your vblog where you talked about beauty.
That’s one of the plans I have to get even with you.
Oh damn, that’s as well the idea of you.

The idea to confuse you so even if you try you can never have enough.
Chuck out your rose-colored glasses because you won’t need them love.
Bathing in the Sun I might let you drown in your bikini.
Because when you ran to ocean you dropped sand in my martini.

Let fake sharks chase you and pretend like I can’t hear a thing.
It’s my time for revenge darling because you called me boring.
I won’t give you a chance so you can say you already knew.
That’s my idea of you.

What about you?


– GQ


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